Severe Mouse Infestation – Signs You Need to Call the Pros

Just because you do not see mice scurrying around does not mean that your home is entirely rodent free. Mice and rats are predominantly nocturnal creatures that love to do the most damage at night and in the dark. For the most part, you may never really see a mouse unless the infestation is so severe that your home is simply busting at the seems with mice. Here are some severe mouse infestation signs that you need to call the pros that can help you by offering mouse control solutions.

Seeing marks on the skirting boards

Mice tend to slide their way through tight spaces that do not leave them out in the open for too long such as air conditioners where they travel through air ducts. These creatures often form a habit of using the same route in and out of their nest as they make their way through your household food stores or furniture. If you look very carefully at the skirting boards in your house, you may see a thin layer of dirt and grime that looks like skid marks. Those are probably the residue of the grease and dirt found on the fur coat of the mice that have invaded your home.

There will be mouse droppings

Although no one likes doing this very much, you should take the time to periodically investigate the spaces behind your appliances. Because of places behind your fridge and dishwasher some enclosed, yet warm and dark, mice find them irresistible to create a nest there and reproduce. But how often do mice reproduce? One mouse can deliver over 100 babies in a year. That is why you will always see plenty of droppings and urine marks around those areas. You are advised not to touch the droppings as these often contain disease-spreading bacteria. Instead, you should immediately call your Toronto mice control company as soon as you see these signs of defecation by rodent invaders.

Listen to the walls

Mice tend to climb up and down walls, cupboards, and other types of furniture at weird hours of the night and day. If you keep hearing strange scratching sounds in the walls or kitchen cabinets, there is a good chance that you have a rodent infestation happening. These sounds will get even more pronounced when the infestation is severe. In fact, it will get so bad that you will start hearing them during the day and all hours of the night.

When it comes to a mice infestation, you might not want to wait to call your professional mouse exterminator only once the situation gets severe. As soon as you see any telltale sign of an infestation, let the pros know so that they can put an end to it immediately.

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