Mouse Entry Points

How Do Mice Get In Your House – Mouse Entry Points

You are relaxing at the end of the day, watching your favorite television show when suddenly the peace is broken. A mouse scurries across the floor, bumping an end table and upsetting a picture frame. You keep your home so clean and the building itself is not that old, so how did this happen? Mice do not care if your house is old or new, as long as they can find a cozy place to hide. How do mice get in your home? Mouse entry points might surprise you. Here are some common places where mice like to sneak inside and recommendations that can help with mouse control in Toronto.

Mice might find their way in your home in between a gap in the building’s materials. These gaps can exist between the roof and soffit or the roof and fascia, or between the siding and the foundation. Many of these areas where two different types of materials come together are purposefully designed this way to allow the building to adjust to different types of weather and temperatures. For mice, however, it’s like having a door all around the perimeter.

If your home is constructed of bricks, mice can also get in through the weep vents at the bottom right of the ground. Unfortunately, you can’t seal this wide cracks because they help to drain excess moisture out of the bricks. Mice love that this hiding place is so secure since not many other things can fit in this very tight space, as well as the fact that they have a source of water if the weather is right.

HVAC, water, and electrical lines that run through the walls to the outside of the building are also typically cut with a bit of extra space and provide yet another gap. For an agile little mouse, these seemingly small areas make a great place to enter because they give the mouse a doorway as well as a hallway to navigate your home if it is following a pipe, cable, or vent.

Mice are incredible climbers, and some will even be bold enough to use this skill to make it up to your roof vents to slip inside. If there is a screen blocking off your attic, mice can use their sharp teeth to gnaw their way right through it.

Of course, it is possible that the mice have found an even simpler way to get inside of your house. They might be going in and out through the door just like you do! Mice have no problem fitting their tiny bodies through doors or even window frames that are hung or set unevenly, or that are not sealed properly.

Even if you are able to find mice or their evidence around one of these locations around your home by yourself, it is always best to call a licensed professional to help you get them out. Since mice congregate in their hiding places especially during the colder months, you might have more of a rodent problem than you think. the professional exterminator will know exactly what to look for when examining these common entry points for mice, as well as so many other possible entry points of your particular building. You’ll finally have peace of mind knowing that your home stands the best chance it can of the mice really being gone for good.

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