How Are Mice Entering Your Home – Mouse Entry Points

Mice are very nimble creatures and can find many ways to enter into your home. They can make themselves unnoticed by nesting in dark corners and living on only a little bit of food. It’s very important to get rid of mice as soon as possible if they enter your home. Failing to do so could result in an infestation which you surely don’t want. The best way to keep mice out of your home is to understand how they get in there in the first place, understanding this will allow you to take the necessary precautions to keep them out. If the problem persists call The Exterminators for professional mouse control services.

Sealing Your Home

Mice are small creatures and can easily squeeze through gaps, they will probably be able to get through an open door or window so always make sure to have these closed if they don’t need to be open (especially at night as this is when mice are most active!). You should also go around the perimeter of your home to check for any cracks in the foundation and also to look for any open vents or pipes. Can mice climb up brick walls and get inside your attic? Yes, they can. Mice are great climbers and can climb brick walls and sliding. Make sure to seal the cracks and put screens over the vents/pipes to prevent mice from entering.

Tidy Up

It’s no surprise that mice are attracted to messy areas, especially if food is involved. So in order to make your home less attractive to mice, you should try to keep your home as tidy as possible and pay extra attention to your kitchen, remember to seal any open food containers and keep storage areas tidy.

Using Deterrents

If your problem still persists after following the above steps, now may be a good time to introduce deterrents into your home. There are numerous ways to deter mice from your property; cats, mouse repellant, mouse traps, and bait boxes are all good ways to keep mice away from your home.

Professional Help

You can always call in the professionals. Individuals in the pest control industry are capable of providing longer term solutions. Call The Exterminators Inc. 647-496-2211


To conclude, there are a few main reasons why mice may be entering your home. To prevent them from doing so you should employ the necessary tactics to keep them out, firstly make sure that you keep all windows and doors shut when not in use, essentially seal your home. Next make sure that your home is tidy and no food containers are left open as this will attract mice. Then, you can turn to deterrents which will definitely solve your mice problem. If none of the above  work, then you can turn to the professionals for assistance.

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Joe The Exterminator

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