Can A Cockroach Infestation Be Harmful to My Family’s Health?

The Answer is Yes. Pests are a serious nuisance. They can cause stress, anxiety and health problems for the family. Many pests spread disease causing bacteria that can bring various ailments to family members and even their pets. Cockroaches in particular are ugly and discomforting. They leave their waste, which may contain bacteria, on the food sources of the family. Cockroaches have also been known to cause allergic reactions in some children. Many children exhibit severe sensitiveness to  cockroach allergens. These allergens may arouse symptoms of asthma. Cockroaches carry e-coli bacteria and salmonella on their bodies, and can introduce them into cooking equipment and food items via their saliva, droppings or their dead bodies. So, they are quite dangerous and you need to call a cockroach exterminator to deal with the infestation.

Cockroaches prefer damp and warm living places. They usually gain access to homes through the drains, especially if there are any dry drain traps. They are more regularly found in basements, laundry rooms and furnace rooms. Since they usually inhabit the sewer system, when they enter buildings in search of food, they carry various kinds of waste materials on their bodies. Cockroaches will also regularly infest the kitchen where they will invest cabinets.

This waste may likely contain disease causing bacteria. So if your question is , “Can A Cockroach Infestation Be Harmful To My Family’s Health ? “, then the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Cockroach infestations not only cause health problems for your family, they also make life irritating and embarrassing for your family. But do cockroaches bite? Yes, they do bite, when they are extremely hungry they can bite.

Your best defense against this ugly pest is to recognize signs of its infestation and treat it properly. Ensure that the drains traps around your home are always full with water. Since cockroaches don’t swim, this reduces the chances of them getting in through these drains. Also avert this threat to your health and that of your family by learning which are the best pesticides for fighting cockroaches.

Get rid of food crumbs promptly from counter tops, floors, dirty dishes ad trash containers. Seal up cracks and crevices which could be an entry point for them into your home. Place sticky traps in locations of your home most prone to a cockroach infestation. You may also use boric acid which is a pest control chemical. This chemical dries the cockroach out.

Care should be taken not to use pest control chemicals on food items or in places where food is prepared in the home. Also avoid using these chemicals in places easily accessible to children and pets. This reduces the risk of poisoning. A pest control expert may offer additional advice on how to make your home unattractive to cockroaches.