Case study: Mice Entering Home Through Front Porch in North York

Exterior Inspection

In this case study we will analyze the circumstances and causes surrounding a mouse infestation in Toronto, North York. A technician was dispatched to a residential property in Toronto. When the technician arrived on-site he conducted one of the most important stages in the mouse removal process, namely an exterior inspection to verify mouse activity and to find out where the source of the mouse activity stemmed from. Additionally, the technician also has to locate the mouse entry point by thoroughly combing through the perimeter of the property.

Mice can often get in through what we call exterior entry points. These are points that are often the result of wear and tear. These vulnerable points are often found at the foundation of the building.  In other cases, older utility pipes that still lead to the older homes give access to the lower floors of the premises. These mice often end up in the basement area or in the crawl space where they will slowly but surely work their way up to the higher floors.

Exterior Inspection photo
Exterior inspections are vital to find out where the infestation starts and where it spreads out to

Initial measures taken

The technician came to the conclusion that the entry point was a vent that was located at the front porch. Vents are a very useful way to get into the interior of the premises since they are usually uncovered and open to the outside world. Tons of pests can make use of these vents to get to the inside of the property. The reason why pests and wildlife want to go inside is because of the warmth and protection it offers. Also the basement gives the wildlife the cover they need to stay under the radar from humans for a long time. The technician confirms the porch location as being the main entry point since it is where the sound is coming from.

Mice Feces Through Exterior Points
Feces were discovered while doing the exterior entry point.

Additional suspicions are confirmed since mouse droppings were found down at the basement floor and even on the main floor. Mice will often migrate to the main floor for exploring food sources beyond the basement floor. Feces are a great way to tell where the mouse activity is taking place since they have no disregard for where they do their business. Mice often stay hidden for long periods at a time until it is time to strike.

Exterior Entry Point
The mouse entry point was eventually traced to this exterior point.

The technician noted that the basement was used for food storage which increased the likelihood for the mice to stay there undisturbed. Mice mainly eat fruits, vegetables, and grains in nature, but can easily shift their diet into whatever the environment provides them.

In order to remove the mice, bait was placed in all the problem areas based on the initial findings. The bait contains rodenticide  and is irresistible to the mice. One these bait blocks are eaten, the mouse will perish.

After the technician noted that the bait has been eaten from and confirms that mice indeed are no longer inside, he moved on to securing the vent cover found at the front porch. The cover is made from galvanized steel mesh. It is durable as it is flexible making it as great material that can go a long way!


After the mice were eradicated and the vent cover was installed, the homeowner reported no activity anymore. Small openings can provide ample space to mice to pass through. This fact is often overlooked which may lead to infestations. To hire professional intervention, contact the mouse removal technicians from Mouse Control.