What to Do When You See a Mouse

Best Way to Stop a Mice Infestation

Mice are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Aside from the fact that these pests can tear apart food packages and cause structural damage, they also carry diseases. While they may appear cute and fuzzy, these rodents are a danger to human health. Considering how fast a population of mice can grow, it is important that you know how to stop a mice infestation before it grows wildly out of control and you need to call mouse control Toronto services

What You Can Do

There are a few steps you can take to minimize an infestation. For instance, you can set up mouse traps and bait and address entry points, there is a solution on how to find mice entry points. Make sure you also work to tackle the source of your problem both indoors and out. You will need to practice strict sanitation methods, so you no longer attract mice to your home. Finally, you might see what help a mouse catching cat can offer.

Baits and Traps

Baits and traps are the most ordinary form of control among homeowners. If you plan to use bait, opt for something sweet, which is most appealing. You can set a bait trap using peanut butter, chocolate, bacon, dried pieces of fruit, or oatmeal. Make sure you secure the bait in place using a small dab of glue, so mice cannot run off with it and escape your trap.

There are different traps you can choose to use, such as the classic wooden traps that snap shut on the mouse. There are also glue traps and live traps. Keep in mind, however, that wildlife is often protected by certain regulations in Ontario, Canada, and that includes mice. In most situations, the use of traps and poisons that can result in a slow, agonizing death or harm to the creature, which is not acceptable.

Entry Points

Know where to find and address entry points that mice use to enter your home. Use a caulk gun to seal off any cracks that allow them to run in and out. Look for holes, especially around pipes and utility lines. Use steel wool to fill the holes. Mice do not like to use their teeth to chew through steel wool. Apply weather stripping around window and door frames to give them a tighter seal if necessary.

Outside and In

You should work to eliminate mice outside of your home as well as inside by removing anything that might attract them. Walk around your yard and eliminate attractive debris. Make sure you keep your yard well maintained by keeping grass height low and weeds to a minimum. Otherwise, mice will want to invade your lawn and build nests.

Sanitation Methods

Make sure you keep your home as clean as a whistle to avoid attracting mice. Clean dishes nightly, sweep, mop, and vacuum floors regularly, restrict eating to one room, and wipe of your counters and tables after every meal. Make sure you also remove trash bags every night and place them in a trash bin with a lid that seals tightly.


Sometimes you will get lucky enough to find a cat that is more than willing to catch mice. A mouse catching kitty is useful if you have a minor infestation on your hands. The cat will dispose of mice and perhaps keep the population at bay. However, there are plenty of cats that will not bother themselves with mice catching activities.

Hire a Professional

The absolute best way to stop a mouse invasion is to contact a professional. An exterminator will verify the presence of rodents in your home and work to dispose of them quickly and effectively. Professional pest control Toronto has various methods they can use to rid your home of invading mice that are permissible based on your local wildlife regulations. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211 if you need help with mouse removal or visit our online store for mouse control products.