Importance of Proper Disinfection in the Restaurant Restroom

Importance of Proper Disinfection in the Restaurant Restroom

The importance of proper disinfection inside of a restaurant cannot be understated and underestimated as restaurants are visited by the thousands and thousands each day, each week each month, and each year. In the uncertain times, we are living in we must take extra measures in ensuring that all our public places are kept clean to a high standard. As the number of coronavirus cases is rapidly progressing at an unsettling rate, so does the demand for proper disinfection and sanitation seem to rise. Professional disinfection services based in the Greater Toronto Area can help with this. The importance of proper disinfection and sanitization cannot be ignored, downplayed, or underestimated in an essential industry such as the restaurant industry. As restrooms, in general, are a breeding ground for bacteria, even at our own personal property, one cannot imagine how much bacteria the bathrooms in public restaurants can hold daily. 

Public bathrooms should be a number one priority when talking about public health as one study highlighted in 2013 by PLoS ONE titled “Could Public Restrooms Be an Environment for Bacterial Resistomes?” answered “…which are commonly found in restrooms and are a major cause of infections both in hospitals and the larger community—to determine if non-health care restrooms could be a source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To test this theory, the research team collected samples from public restrooms in public buildings, testing samples from various sites in each restroom. The researchers identified 19 different types of Staphylococcaceae from the restroom samples, and more than one-third (37.8 percent) were antibiotic-resistant…” even though the study was published in 2013, nothing can change the nature of bacteria, especially when a public bathroom comes into play. Keeping up and maintaining cleanliness in this area that we are all faces can have some serious consequences as coughing and sneezing in public is increasingly getting frowned upon as we slowly adjust to our new way of life that can define how I manage sanitization and cleanliness on at a stricter level. The point being is that businesses more than ever need to invest in proper sanitation and cleanliness seeing that public opinion and behaviour are changing fast with every passing day.

In the uncertain time we are living in,  keeping public places sanitized and hygienic is becoming one of the most important things we can do. Disinfecting workplaces or public spaces are now essential and our disinfection and sanitation services can do just that. As the public opinion on hygiene is rapidly changing, business owners must respond with the appropriate measures to ensure its customers’ well being by disinfecting even more frequently.

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