Importance of Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services in Commercial Kitchens

Importance of Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services in Commercial Kitchens

There are various reasons why a business owner might consider hiring a professional disinfection service for commercial kitchens as opposed to getting it done by his or her staff. One compelling reason to get it done by a professional disinfection service is that it takes a trained eye and proper several years of training and the right certification to ensure that the areas that need disinfecting are adequately sanitized, especially, where hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen can be a situation between life as death as many harmful bacteria accumulate on surface areas not cleaned properly which can lead to a host of illnesses. Professional disinfection services ensure that areas, that are otherwise hard to reach or probably ignored by the lay-mans eye, are correctly treated with industry-grade disinfectants and deodorizers using environmentally friendly products that dual as a safeguard against getting all kinds of issues with regards to respiratory complications concerning your kitchen staff and the staff in general. All disinfectants we use are botanical of nature and have no harmful active ingredient in comparison with store-bought chemicals which can pose a threat to the well being of the people working in the kitchen.

Another very important factor to consider in hiring a professional disinfection service is that these environments come with their own district set of factors and challenges that are unique to the particular kitchen area we are treating. Different kinds of problems require different kinds of solutions and strategies. That is why using a disinfection service specialized in deodorizing and disinfecting a commercial property is the best way to proceed. Remaining food particles or unintentional food spills can be an invitation to unwanted pests and insects which are known to be carriers of diseases. During the sanitization, you can be assured that the process is done by a competent technician that makes sure that every surface area is properly disinfected and sanitized to avoid issues with foodborne illnesses with or products being botanical you can be assured that our formulation does not contaminate any dishes or essential equipment that is needed to prepare the food with the meticulous care that our technician puts in cleaning your commercial kitchen. Disinfection and sanitation are essential to operate a kitchen to optimal operational efficiency as the CDC with regards to the United States on the importance of disinfection states “…With contamination threats like listeria—a bacterium the CDC estimates cause approximately 1,600 illnesses and 260 deaths annually in the United States—effective kitchen disinfecting is crucial….”

Our disinfection and sanitization services are here to give you a safer environment to work in which is essential to the health of your staff and that of your customers who visit your restaurant to enjoy a meal. Areas of concern are properly addressed and discussed by our technicians beforehand to make sure that you stay informed about our process that we undertake during our visit. We understand that there are new concerns amidst the novel COVID-19 virus and we will do whatever it takes to put these concerns to rest in these unprecedented times we all are facing.

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