Importance of Disinfection for Food Processing Facilities

Importance of Disinfection for Food Processing Facilities

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An important key to effective disinfection and cleaning of food processing facilities is understanding what type of dirt needs to be removed from the area. The disinfection process can consist of several rinses combined with high quality of water in tandem to be used with detergents and disinfectants. Disinfection is food processing facilities are necessary in food processing facilities in areas where wet surfaces provide favourable conditions for microbial growth to take place. The efficiency of disinfectants is usually tested in intervals that do not mimic the growth of growth conditions on surfaces where the agents are required to inactivate the microbes. There are three goals for achieving control in microbial growth 1) Minimizing a load of microbial growth to the food facility 2) Efficient control of microbial growth in vulnerable places 3) Adequate cleaning of the process lines. The reason why disinfection is important inside a food process facility is that it reduces the bacterial population to a safe level which prevents foodborne illnesses.

A lot of people confuse the terms cleaning and disinfection and knowing the difference is important in knowing what you hope to accomplish eventually. Cleaning is defined as “…as the removal of food residues, dirt, grease and other undesirable debris. This requires physical energy (elbow grease!), heat and/or chemicals (detergents). Cleaning only removes dirt from the surface but does not kill all bacteria” it must be noted that the physical removal does not kill, remove, or eliminate the bacteria population by using water, soap, and a sponge alone. To make sure we reduce the bacterial population to a safe level of operation we must resort to disinfection which is defined as follows “…is the reduction in levels of bacteria to a safe level. This is usually done by the use of chemicals such as disinfectants and sanitizers, intended for food use; or by heat (hot water around 82°C or steam)…” as disinfecting reduces the bacteria level to an acceptable amount, the necessity of disinfection cannot be understated as it is paramount to the well being of your clientele. As we live in these uncertain times with the advent of the novel coronavirus, we must do everything to ensure the safety of your customers by providing a professional disinfection and sanitization service as we all try to take care of our personal hygiene as never witnessed before due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 that are adding up every day. You must contact a reputable sanitization and disinfection service in the Greater Toronto Area to take care of your needs and worries.

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