Importance of Disinfection In Commercial Offices

Importance of Disinfection In Commercial Offices

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As more offices and companies are adapting to a new working environment that is primarily done from home as we all try to adapt to our new lives during the COVID-19 pandemic declared recently by the World Health Organization, the need for disinfection of the workplace for the unfortunate few left who are forced to work from the office has never been so high as before. The importance of proper cleaning and disinfection cannot be downplayed as it literally keeps the workforce healthy. Numerous research studies have proved that there is a clear relationship between a clean workplace in the office and the prevalence of illnesses workers contract during the time spent there. According to a survey it was found that the majority catch minor or severe illnesses that are deemed contagious. If cleanliness is not maintained throughout the office regularly workers will be reporting more sick than they usually do. In return, these absences from work can result in a huge chunk of lost revenue and productivity. Absences from work cost the economy losses every year, a measure that could otherwise be implemented had it not be for the lack of cleanliness. It turns out that a surface not cleaned is more likely to see an increase in the bacteria population by 30-40%. Most of these surfaces that are touched by workers prove to be a bacterial breeding ground and not disinfecting these regularly touched objects by all your workers can spell disaster if regular scheduling for disinfecting and a cleaning does not take place by a professional disinfecting and sanitization service based in The Greater Toronto Area.

A lot of companies employ janitors to take care of the bathroom facilities at work. While janitors will do a great job in keeping these areas well maintained and clean the focus is often not directed at the workplace where wiping down desks with a damp cloth proves not to be enough for the average office desk. Cleaning does only so much before it gets populated the very next day with new bacteria. The difference is that with regular disinfection is that you bring the bacteria population down to an acceptable safe amount to prevent contracting any illnesses by a great number. Cleaning as said before simply cannot reduces the population, rather it just transfers the population through cloths and sponges, something you do not want to play with especially in these kind of times where hygiene and cleanliness are regarded as being one, if not, the only way to slow down and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With our professional disinfection and sanitization service active in the Greater Toronto Area, we can get to your office in no time! During our process, our technicians are dedicated to using non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulations to provide you with the best we have to offer. With experience and training, our technicians will go through every nook and cranny to ensure that every area is taken care of with the professionalism you expect from us.

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