Can I use Clorox in a Restaurant Kitchen?

Can I use Clorox in a Restaurant Kitchen?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Clorox can be used in a restaurant kitchen and is mainly deployed in washing ware, but not of the preferred list of disinfectants used in a kitchen. One should proceed with caution using bleach in any quantity when in doubt it is best to consult the manufacturer of the product. Chlorine bleach is used in restaurants when quality must be sacrificed for quality.

The downside of bleach is that it can be rendered toxic when it comes into contact with other chemicals, creating toxic and deadly fumes. The one chemical bleach must never be mixed with is Ammonia always, if wanting to dilute the bleach, always mix with water and nothing else.

To prepare an effective solution you can for cleaning/wiping towels, a good safe method would be to prepare a five-gallon bucket of water with two tablespoons of bleach. This will ensure that the titration is above 50 ppm; somewhere in the range of 75-100 ppm.

It just cannot be repeated enough that Chlorine must never be mixed with other solutions other than water. Having bleach and Ammonia mixed together can form a deadly compound of toxic fumes and vapor known as chloramine vapor. It is always recommended to follow the instructions on the label as these always have the proper instructions for handling the chemicals in question.

In order to disinfect and sanitize an area of concern properly it is always recommended to call in specialists who possess the right training and certification paired with expert knowledge and experience to create a safe working-environment as possible.

Our technicians treat areas of concern both residential and commercial with the utmost care and safety in mind for the ones working or living in the area they are treating. Our service uses solely non-toxic environmentally friendly products that pose no harm to the ones most vulnerable as the active ingredient is botanical of nature.

With the advent of COVID-19, we must take extra precaution in the way we are treating areas frequented by a high volume of people especially when the virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate where governments all around the world are scrambling to actively inform and act on the dangers that the Coronavirus is spreading.