How To Deal With Rat Holes Near Foundation

How To Deal With Rat Holes Near Foundation

Rats are intelligent little creatures with strong teeth and dexterous paws. They are also great jumpers, swimmers and climbers and they wander around areas with food supplies at night. Rats are specifically attracted to narrow and dark pathways, and therefore excavate burrows in our gardens and holes near our building’s foundation. They are also vectors of multiple fatal diseases and so any sign of rat activity around your property should be responsibly immediately reported. To understand all of this. it is important that you know how rats enter our homes. Our licensed technicians at Rat Exterminator Toronto are open and active to serve you 365 days a year!

In order for you to deal with such a problem successfully, you have to simply see the big picture. Thus, being knowledgeable of basic rat behaviour and their preference in terms of shelter is important to know. Norway or brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus) are of the two most common rat types that you will encounter in  Canadian homes. Unlike the roof or black rats, they have weak climbing skills, and hence they prefer to build their nests under and close to the ground. Norway rats build complex underground networks of interconnected tunnels that they utilize to store food, breed and escape from predators. Rats’ burrows are generally built with one main entrance and a couple of other holes. They are usually 2-4 inches in diameter and not deeper than 18 inches. That can explain the random holes that you have been finding in your backyard and near the foundation of your premises. You are probably wondering do rats live undergroundRat burrow systems are generally built by one rat family and quickly get inhabited by many as they multiply. They reproduce at an extremely fast pace, and thus it is important for your safety to contact a professional pest control company to inspect any holes near your foundation.

Now that you’re somewhat educated on rats, you can go ahead and apply some preventive measures of your own to minimize the chance of rats infesting your property.

  • Make sure you mow your lawn regularly.
  • Ensure that you dispose of unwanted objects, logs, broken pipes and clutter from your backyard.
  • Seal pet food in robust containers and store it properly.
  • Dispose and place your garbage and food leftovers in well shut bins.

Reporting their presence is vital considering that burrows are one of the early signs of a rat infestation. If you do not take the signs seriously, the trouble will multiply. Contact Pest Control Toronto, and we will offer guaranteed permanent results to your endless problem!