How Τo Get Rid Of Rats In Warehouse ?

How Τo Get Rid Of Rats In Warehouse ?

Food and goods along with plenty of hidden spots in a warm environment can act as the prime location for rats to create their nests and reproduce. Rats are well-known vectors of multiple diseases that can be fatal if not treated on time. Warehouses are places for storage and your employees can stay up late bringing and organizing your supplies. Productivity in a successful business is the number one key and hence caring for your own and your employees’ health is vital. Your safety and health is our number one priority. Contact expert rat exterminator Toronto. to have all of your health-related worries and risks are taken care of immediately! This not only applies to the warehouse, but also to restaurants where food is produced and stored in separate rooms of the building. Knowing how to keep these spaces mouse and rat-free and how to avoid rats in warehouse is essential for the overall safety of patrons.

Prevention is the most efficient action that you can actually take to avoid a rat infestation in your warehouse. The actual reason is that rat families get enlarged at a very fast pace which results in serious troubles within a short period of time. Below you will read some of the main prevention measures you can follow:

  • Decluttering: Rats have a preference on building their nests in warm and comfy locations. The lack of damaged items and redundant materials will discourage rats to build nests in your warehouse.
  • Sealing Holes: Rats have the ability to squeeze into your premises through the tiniest cracks. Inspect your warehouse and ensure that all the holes and entry points (including your walls and roof) are properly sealed with steel mesh.
  • Automatic Doors and Screens: Regardless of  the fact that rats can nibble pretty much any material, installing automatic doors and appropriate screens between the different sections of your warehouse will decrease the likelihood of a rat infestation.
  • Hygiene: Is very important factor in regards to health. In addition, hygiene is important for preventing a rat infestation. Ensure that any food leftovers and spills are wiped out quickly, that disinfection procedures are being taken place regularly and that garbage is being kept out of property.
  • Removal of Water Sources: Rats might survive for a short period of time without food, but certainly not without water. Keep an eye out for water leaks and  drips and immediately fix your plumbing. Additionally, ensure that water spills in the building are wiped out.

Having multiple eyes at the workplace

It is important that you train your staff to look for the following signs as these can be critical in determining whether you are dealing with rats. If your staff sees any indication of rat activity they should follow up with the supervisor immediately as rat activity as mentioned earlier on. Staff should keep an eye out on the following:

  • Rat tracks, smudges on walls, and along with any other type of surfaces. Rats are stealthy rodents and will take a route that will not attract a lot of attention.
  • If your staff notices rat feces anywhere on the floor that has an elongated shape and is larger than a grain of rice than your work is dealing with a rat infestation.
  • Bite marks and nibble marks. If you notice scattered pieces of materials of wood, paper, or cardboard then this is sign of active rat activity and might even be in the process of building a nest.
  • If you can smell something off, it probably is a dead pest. Either a dead mouse or a dead rat. Be sure to practice caution when attempting to remove the rodent. Gloves, masks, bleach, bags are all needed for successful removal. put a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water to disinfect the area. after the dead rodent is soaked proceed with caution and put the rat in a bag and put that bag in another bag so that it is double-bagged. Make sure to dispose of everything in the bin once you have completed the rat removal process.

Having a rat infestation in your residence is stressful, but having it in your professional environment where you host supplies and staff members is alarming and terrifying at the same time. Taking preventative measures is the number one priority, but considering the immense and sometimes fatal consequences that rats can have on our  health , professional advice is encouraged. Contact  our licensed and insured technicians immediately at pest control company in Toronto to get guaranteed permanent results and a rat-free warehouse with our innovative three-stage procedure!

Article Updated: November 13, 2020