How To Get Rid Of Rats In Basement

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Basement

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Rats are really attracted to warm and cozy environments. If that environment is quiet, with not much human activity going on and food closeby, then it makes the dream location for rats to create their nest and reproduce. How does a rat exactly get in a house? Turns out one of those ways are through gaps and cracks in the foundation! Our basements provide to them all those conditions and so they become common rat nest spots. If you went down to bring supplies from your basement and you heard scratching and scurrying noises at night, you might be infested by rats. If your hunch is right and you suspect any signs of a possible rat outbreak in your premise, do not hesitate to contact our Rat Exterminator Toronto Experts and they will serve your needs instantly.

Rats are known as direct and indirect vectors of numerous infectious diseases. Most of them are extremely serious and can lead into fatal consequences if not noticed and therefore treated early enough. Additionally, when rats find themselves in the appropriate circumstances, they tend to reproduce and multiply in an epidemic pace. Thereupon, the first step that you should conduct, before even calling a professional pest control company, is to place multiple rat traps in the areas that you have suspected rat presence. One rat encounter most likely translates into subsequent numerous troubles. Rats, depending on the species, prefer different hiding spots. Once you have placed your rat traps, begin the inspection from your basement and cover the entire property. Keep an eye on gaps, holes and cracks the size of 1 inch, as their unique body structure allows them to squeeze through nearly everything. Complete the process by sealing any possible entry-points, since traps are not enough to keep a rat population outside your premise.

Furthermore, it is critical to be familiar with the different rat types and their main characteristics in order to prevent and to deal with rat infestation problems. There are two common types of rats that usually invade our Canadian dwelling and business environments: the Norway Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) and the Roof Rats (Rattus rattus). You can easily spot the differences by the places that you have encountered them and by the colour of their fur. Roof Rats have dark brown or black fur in contrast to Norway rats that have brown or grey. Norway Rats have a preference for dark environments close to the ground, and hence you will mostly happen to meet them in basements and garages. Roof Rats, on the other hand, choose to inhabit places above the ground and so elevated parts of your dwelling such as your attic is the ideal location to discover them. In conclusion, different rat types choose different locations to reproduce. Keep an eye out everywhere to avoid headaches!

Do-it-yourself approaches are indeed expensive, exhausting and can be proved hazardous to your health. Don’t take that chance, instead, go towards safer and permanent options. Hire a professional pest control company to have the severity evaluated and seek out the source of your problem in an efficient manner. Contact our experts at Pest Control Toronto to permanently eradicate your troubles now!


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