How to Get rid of Cockroaches in Basement

How to Get rid of Cockroaches in Basement

You may have heard of cockroaches invading kitchens and restaurants, but what about basements or apartments? If you spotted a cockroach in the basement or apartment, it was probably an Oriental cockroach. To dealing with cockroaches in apartments you need to have certain knowledge. You can read how to get rid of cockroaches in apartments to learn more about pest control techniques. This bug is especially dangerous as it likes to dwell in the darkest and dampest parts of the city, feasting on the filth it finds in sewers and infecting people’s homes with harmful bacteria. This is a monster you don’t want in your basement.

The Oriental cockroach, also known as the waterbug, is much larger than most other species of cockroach. This cockroach measures between 18 and 27mm in length and prefers the especially moist parts of the home like damp basements and porches, sinks, drains, and washing machines. The Oriental cockroach is shiny and dark brown to black in colour. The female has a wider body and a short pair of wings right below her head, while the male’s wings reach 2/3rds of his body. Don’t worry, though – neither of them fly. These bugs live primarily on decaying matter, spreading things like e. Coli and salmonella with them wherever they go. If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your basement and want it gone for good, call Cockroach Control Toronto

The process of getting rid of cockroaches in the basement is similar to getting rid of them anywhere else. The most effective method is to call for professional help. A certified pest removal technician will have the equipment and pesticides necessary to properly get rid of them. Cockroaches are very good at hiding and they’re resistant to the pesticides you can buy in stores, so it’s best to get professional help. A technician will be able to reach deep in the cracks, crevices, and voids where the Oriental cockroaches are hiding and eradicate them completely. 

Oriental cockroaches usually live outdoors but will enter the home when there is drought or if it is too cold outside. To help prevent them from entering, you should seal any cracks you find in the walls and screen overflow drains. Cap drain taps, fix leaky pipes, and improve the ventilation of your basement and bathrooms. Outside, move garbage cans away from the house and remove wet, rotting leaves from window wells. 

Getting rid of cockroaches in the basement is extremely difficult without the help of a professional pest removal technician. Our crew members at The Exterminators Inc. are experienced in cockroach removal no matter the area of the house. We will give your home a thorough assessment to identify points of entry and provide you with a comprehensive approach that will get rid of the bugs for good. Call Pest Control Toronto – The Exterminators Inc today for a free quote.