How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Clothes

If you have noticed that your wardrobe has been infested by bed bugs, probably because one of them exited their hiding place, then here are a few tips on how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes. The first thing you need to do is know where they are concentrated most. Are they in your closet or the laundry room? Once you are aware of their most frequent location, then you are a step closer to eliminating them.

You need to keep the infested rooms quarantined. Do not introduce any new things into the room and do not remove clothes from the closet in an effort to discard them. You may have thrown away the infested garments, but you will not get rid of the pests entirely. The most important thing is to keep them from spreading and call bed bug exterminator Toronto.

Take all the clothes and put them in a garbage bag to ensure that the bugs do not spread into other rooms as you move them to the laundry room for cleaning. Proceed to wash the clothes in hot water. Once they are clean, you can dry them for not less than half an hour using high heat to kill any remaining bed bugs that may have survived the wash.

The best cause of action is to contact a bed bug exterminator because trying to do any DIY’s at home can be futile considering you do not have as many resources and experience as a person who exterminates bed bugs for a living and has been doing so for the past several years. DIY’s may seem cheap, but you may need to do them a number of times before you can see any tangible results. This means you will have to spend money on pest extermination products before you can get any results, but usually, these products are not useful against severe bed bug infestations.

Also, the strict pesticide regulations in Ontario can prove to be a headache if you plan on doing a DIY. For example, if you have to spray or fumigate your home you may need a permit from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. Hiring a professionally licensed exterminator will give you the most efficient results because they will get rid of the pests and destroy their eggs, therefore, ensuring that they do not hatch into little headaches once again.

Remember hiring the exterminator over DIY’s, means you have more people on the job as compared to doing it on your own. As others work on cleaning the clothes, the rest will ensure that the pest’s breeding zone is fumigated or sprayed to stop any future infestations.

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