How to detect the deadly Asian hornet

How to detect the deadly Asian hornet

Detecting them is not very hard. The Japanese Giant Hornet is the most deadly flying insect, perhaps in the world. They can sting like any hornet, repeatedly and with intense aggression. They are so deadly that one sting can actually be fatal to a human, just one sting.

The Asian or Japanese Giant Hornets have been recently discovered in North-America. It is strongly advised that, if stung, you seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect a hornet invasion contact Hornet Nest Removal Toronto.

Imagine a swarm of them coming after you. This hornet was only found in rural Japan but recently they have gotten their way into America and Canada. They likely traveled here in fruit deliveries, due to lax inspections. These insects are not “of our land” they are incredibly aggressive and territorial and do not act like the hornets we are used to. They are willing to travel great distances to find food and will attack someone just for being in their way. Swarms of them will frequently attack bee colonies and feast on the bees, the larva, and even the honey. They are ruthless and deadly and they seem to fear absolutely nothing. So what is there to do if you have them on your property. Identifying them is easy, they have yellow and orange stripes and their wings are dark and big. They are very large in size, reaching one to two inches in length and will either make nests in the ground like ground hornets or make large nests with thousands of hornets like wasps. They can build either of these nests on your property and pose a serious threat to you, your family, and your pets who are likely to chase them around not realizing one sting can kill them. 

If you find that you have these hornets on your property you need to act fast. You can get rid of them but it is a difficult process. You must first track the hornets movements to find the nest, it may be easy to find, like hanging from a tree branch in your yard or on the overhang over your porch, or they could be 60 feet up in the air on a branch of a tall tree or in the walls of your house. The only thing you can do is wear a sturdy beekeepers suite with sturdy leather gloves and spray two cans at the same time, into the opening of the nest, don’t stop till they are empty. This will kill the hornets inside the nest and create an area of pesticide that will kill hornets that return to the nest. After a month you can remove the nest and dispose of it safely.