How to deter wasps 

How to deter wasps 

As the weather in the GTA seems to rise to a pleasant temperature so is the rise is wasp presence around the region as well. Most wasp species become active during the warmer spring and summer months after having overwintered in the colder months. Depending on the wasp species you are dealing with, wasps may build and settle themselves around various parts of the property. Having wasps near your property can leave a sense of unease as the fear of being stung by them always remains a lingering thought. To prevent wasps from settling near your property is not guaranteed by lowering the possibility of wasps can certainly be feasible. 

If you suspect a wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal Toronto for quick and safe removal.

How to deter wasps 

First we have to know why wasps are attracted to your property and what we can do to remove certain factors to deter them from building a wasp nest on and around your property. 

If you do suspect a wasp nest near or around your property, it is best to contact a licensed professional wasp control service in the Greater Toronto Area for quick and efficient removal.

Wasps mainly come to your property because they found a suitable place to build their nest in. They usually build nests close to a food source. Wasps mainly hunt small insects, vegetables, and various fruits to sustain their diet. It is interesting to note that wasps will not settle anywhere wherever they find another wasp. This is due to their territorial nature which makes them not fond of their newly sought territory with other wasps. 

You can take advantage of this by buying a fake wasp nest. However, for the most part, unknown these wasp nests look like the real thing which makes wasps hesitant to set up shop in your yard or around your property. Reading the reviews as always might give you an idea of which brands to avoid and which ones to buy. Whatever you choose, the choice is always yours. 

Keeping garbage sealed away is another great preventive measure to deter wasps from invading the area since it gives wasps another reason to stay away. Garbage apart from bugs can provide certain species of wasps with the needed nutrition. Sealing garbage is also another way to keep our furry Torontonians at bay, namely the raccoon! 

Another way to deter wasps is to go the natural route by incorporating essential oils and herbs. Some websites suggest that a mix of clove, geranium, lemongrass would help along with a few drops of water and dish soap which you can spray around your porch, under your eaves, and around window frames to reach the maximum yield. Do not forget other ledges and crevices.

If you do suspect a wasp nest near or around your property, it is best to contact professional The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto experts for quick and efficient removal. These experts are licensed professionals who have helped resolve numerous cases across the GTA. This offers people a safe way without getting injured at an affordable price.