How to Differentiation Between Bee and Wasp Nest

How to differentiate between bee and wasp nest?

To the untrained eye, the wasp nest and the bee nest might look similar if you are not paying attention. Bees and wasps are closely related species and diverged from wasps about 120 million years ago. Wasps are known as pollen gatherers.

Hornets and yellow jackets are known to be social wasps because they live in colonies together made from a paper-like material. There are many key differences between a wasps nest and between a bee nest. But even among wasps, some differences exist depending on the species that build them. Take for example the Mud-Dauber wasp. This wasp builds its nest from a combination of mud and salvia. It is completely opposite of the paper wasp which owes its name to the paper-like material that the wasp uses to make their nest out of.

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On to the identifying part of the nests. If you see an open nest that looks exposed, and you see hexagonal cells ( a shape with eight sides), that is shaped like an umbrella, then you can be certain that you are dealing with paper wasps here. Their number is quite low when you take bees into consideration. Paper wasp colonies often number less than a hundred wasps.

If you see a nest that has smooth walls and is shaped like a football, then you can be sure that hornets are living in them. People should be wary of hornets because these species have the tendency to deliver incredibly painful stings. The Giant Asian Hornet for example is a hornet that is native to Japan and has spread to many other Asian countries such as Thailand and China. A colony was first spotted in British Colombia, Vancouver in 2019. These hornets are incredibly aggressive and have made the bumblebee their most wanted prey on their list. Hornets have the tendency to attack a single prey in groups multiple times. Annually about 50 people die in Japan from these stings. 

If you see a wasp going in and out of a hole in the ground or a building, that you can be certain that the wasp you are seeing is a yellow jacket. The yellow jacket houses a colony of about a thousand wasps.

If you see a nest that seems to be made out of a waxy substance then you are looking at a bee nest. Social bees such as the bumblebee and the one bee construct their nests with similar material, so distinguishing between the two is not always an easy task. However, depending on where you see these nests, might give you a strong clue with what kind of bee you are dealing with. The bumblebee nest is smaller in size and they are usually located and build in abandoned rodent dens, sheds, grass, or trees. Honeybee nests are most likely to be built inside of a company or protected area that can shield them from other predators or the elements. These nests can be located in a hollow tree, inside a wall, or for human use inside of beekeeper boxes. Their nests are also a feat of engineering by having them made highly organized and hexagonally shaped. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto for professional services.