Do fake wasp nests fool wasps_

Do fake wasp nests fool wasps?

While still commonly unknown to many, fake wasp nests really do exist with many people reporting to have positive results from it. To understand the success behind these fake wasp nests, one must first understand the nature of wasps and their tendency to make nests in and around homes. Paper nest wasps are highly territorial creatures and will go out of the way to deliver very painful stings. Some people who might be allergic to the venom may even at some point need urgent care in the hospital.

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When wasps will notice another wasp they will not be likely to build a wasp nest in distance of the other wasp nest. Wasps only settle and inhabit an area once it knows that it is completely clear from other competitors. The colony will send out foragers that will look for suitable locations to settle. Once an area is completely invaded or intruded by these wasps, it is then they start constructing their nests. 

Do fake wasp nests fool wasps_


While the fake nest wasps receive mixed reviews, it is certainly worth trying. Fake wasp nests often have an insecticide in them. When a wasp for some reason does decide to enter the nest, these toxins will suffocate the wasp and will cause all the other wasps to retreat out of the area. Wasp nests can be often found in and around the house depending on what species of wasp it is. The most commonly found wasp that wasp control experts come across is the paper wasp. It owes its name due to the fact that they build their nest made from a mixture of their diet (bugs) salvia and that they excrete a material that resembles paper. These wasps are especially dangerous because they are notorious for settling near or in properties of homeowners or business owners. 

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People who attempt and try to remove the pest and the wasps on their own might risk bodily harm as a slight agitation of the wasps and nest might be seen as an attack on the colony. Hiring a wasp control service is therefore in your best interest,