How to Deal with Carpenter Ants in Wall Voids

How to Deal with Carpenter Ants in Wall Voids

Carpenter ants can be very destructive ants by creating parent and satellite colonies. They are known to split into smaller colonies that consist of multiple queens. Satellite colonies differ from their parent colony in that satellite colonies prefer dryer climates than their parent colony. Parent colonies prefer the damp environment of tree stumps or fallen logs to establish their colony in. The satellite colony seeks to establish its presence in window frames and wooden furniture. Pharaoh ants can be destructive as well and you even can find carpenter ants in attic. These small ants are descendants of Egyptian ants and are thought to wreak havoc since ancient times and have now come to terrorize Canadians with their antics.

In general, every wooden structure is at risk of losing its integrity because of the complex network that gets established by these ants. Carpenter ants enter their way into a wooden structure by tunneling their way in creating intricate networks called galleries. The ants achieve this by removing the wood part by part with the help of their mandibles.  Wood that gets spewed out resembles powder. The wood powder can usually be found right beneath a fresh entry and is usually one of the clear indications that homeowners are dealing with a carpenter ant infestation. As infestation goes on, you can find multiple ants during the day scouring for food. Like carpenter ants, they are hard to find during their nocturnal nature where humans are sound asleep at the time when the ants are active. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible! 

One way to deal with carpenter ants in wall voids where they like to establish their colony is to determine where the ants are coming from. after finding the entry-points, you then can drill a hole and insert a drill straw where you can then insert the interior with pyrethrin product through an injection straw. if a less toxic treatment is preferred, you can “distend” diatomaceous earth or silica gel into outside nests; make sure to wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling the chemical. Repeat the treatment as needed. To do this cost-effective and efficient it is best to hire a professional Pest Control Toronto service based in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Ants with regards to carpenter ants are destructive creatures that can wreak havoc inside almost all wooden structures inside your home. The chances where the massive amount of carpenter ants establishing inside your property is thus huge. It can be a financial burden to deal with if the problem is not assessed and treated early enough to permit the expansion of the colony. During the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto technicians are going above and beyond to ensure that the methods are environmental-friendly, safe, and responsible.