Signs of wasp nests

Signs of wasp nests

An increase in wasp presence can be seen around the summer months. Wasps generally settle down in an area that they have fully invaded and started building their nest with the help of their colony. Seeing wasps swarming around is just one of the indicators that are visible but there are other signs that aren’t as clear-cut as this one. If you see a wasp anywhere in and around your home you can be assured that you are dealing with an infestation.

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If you see wasps swarming around a particular area that may be an indication of a wasp nest being present. Wasps go in and out during the day to forage for food and to feed their young. Observing their flight path may give a clue where the nest is because sometimes it might not be as obvious since they might be attached to walls, sheds, overhangs, and other ledges that are elevated. Visibility therefore of the nest is not as clearly defined as one would like. Wasps are generally active during the day and inactive during the night.

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If you hear a constant buzzing sound coming from an out-of-reach location or another location that doesn’t seem to make much sense. You might want to verify if that comes from an elevated area such as from the soffit area. Some nests might be imbedded near the attic area as well as provides the wasps an undisturbed location to thrive and to feed their young.

Depending on the species of wasps there might be open-faced structures that are not hidden behind other structures or not elevated. Some wasps like the paper wasp create nests from a paper-like material to construct their nests from which they excrete. Mud daubers create their nests in a rather unique way from mud shaped in a cylinder. Some wasps are known to use abandoned structures such as rat burrows or tree hollows to create their nests from, so definitely a sharp eye is required would you want to remove the nest.

If you suspect a nest presence anywhere on the property it is best to contact a reputable Pest Control Toronto service based in the Greater Toronto Area to have the nest safely and quickly removed. Nests and wasps are removed by licensed professionals that have numerous years of experience removing nests as well as the wasp presence from residential properties and businesses alike. Wasp stings can be incredibly painful and even fatal in some cases, so caution is advised.