How Far do Cockroaches Travel

How Far do German Cockroaches Travel?

Cockroaches are unsightly pests that should be avoided at all costs. These are filthy insects that can make you sick with food poisoning and airborne allergens. If you’ve spotted a cockroach within a shared space, such as a laundry room, be careful that you do not bring one to your home. Cockroaches breed very rapidly, and they’re very difficult to eradicate. The key to a pest-free home is to take preventative measures and to eliminate an infestation as soon as it occurs. Call The Exterminators for more information on cockroach control and prevention.

German cockroaches do not travel very far. They forage for food and will go looking somewhere nearby, like a neighbouring unit, then stay once they’ve found a suitable place to live. Cockroaches move from one place to the next by crawling under doors or through pipes and walls. They travel in packs and usually come out under the cover of night. When they have found what they are looking for, cockroaches release a pheromone that beckons the rest of their colony to join them. Some infestations, however, begin when a cockroach has hitched a ride inside a cardboard box and accidentally made its way inside the home.

So, if you see one cockroach, you can bet that there are many more nearby. Cockroaches are social creatures that live in groups. They also breed at an alarming rate, so they will very quickly get out of control. It is important that you maintain the interior of your space to avoid an infestation, and that you contact a professional as soon as you see the signs. Cockroaches are very difficult to get rid of because they are incredibly resilient. They resist store-bought pesticides and can feed on practically anything. Even if you try to starve them out, a cockroach can go without food for weeks!

How to Avoid an Infestation

If you live in a multi-residential building and you’re worried about getting cockroaches, do everything you can to eliminate points of entry. Using an expanding foam or silicone caulking, seal up any cracks you find in your shared walls. Seal the spaces between your kitchen cabinets and close the gaps surrounding your sink pipes. Put a floor sweep on the bottom of your front door. Then, keep your space as clean and vacuum on a regular basis. Clean your drains to remove grease and store food in airtight containers. If you see any cockroaches in your building, report them immediately.

Call a Professional for Removal

Cockroaches must unfortunately be treated by a professional. If you are currently dealing with a cockroach problem, call a local pest control company for help. A technician will inspect your property, then eliminate the cockroaches with an ultra-light volume mist. The mist will reach deep into the little gaps of your kitchen and eliminate the cockroaches in their hiding spots. This insecticide also has residual properties, so it will continue to work for weeks after it has been applied. Call The Exterminators for guaranteed cockroach removal in the GTA and beyond.