How Do Mice Get in Your House and How Do You Catch Them

How Do Mice Get in Your House and How Do You Catch Them?

Mice might be pests, but they are also clever resourceful creatures. They will enter your home by any means necessary in search of food and water. Understanding how mice enter your home, why they do it, and how to catch them can help you rid your home of a mouse infestation, remember that the best option is to call professional mice exterminator Toronto services.

How Do They Get In?

Mice can get into your home in various ways and knowing how and where is essential for combatting an infestation. In general, the most common form of entry is through gaps, cracks, and holes found in your foundation, flooring, and walls. They will also make their way through gaps surrounding plumbing and gas pipes. But can mice fit through air vents? The answer is yes, mice can climb and squeeze through very tight holes and gaps. If you have any gaps around your windows and doors, or damages to the exterior of your home, such as to your roof, they can get in that way, too.

Believe it or not, a mouse can enter your home through cracks, gaps, and holes that appear far too small for them. Mice have unique physical properties that allow them to change the shape of their bodies to fit through extremely small spaces. For instance, they can somewhat flatten or even elongate their bodies to fit into space.

Why Do They Get In?

As previously mentioned, mice are resourceful creatures. They will quickly seek out the food and water they need to survive. Nothing provides them greater resources than human beings. Humans often waste food or live in a way that makes it easy for mice to sustain themselves, even if you have the cleanest of house and properties.

If you have food in bags and boxes, mice will chew through them. It is always best to place food in sealed plastic containers. Also, make sure you remove and clean up all pet food bowls every single day. Leaving pet food bowls down on the floor give mice plenty of access to food and water. Keep pet food bags properly sealed in containers, too.

You should wipe out your sinks, tubs, and showers nightly to remove excess water that might attract mice. Address leaks, sweaty toilets, and other areas where moisture is an issue. Mice need water to survive. If you prevent access to water and food, they will not find your home a suitable environment.

How Do You Trap Them?

If mice do get into your home, you will need to trap them to control the population. A mouse can breed and produce up to two hundred mice in just a few months. In other words, a mouse infestation can quickly get out of control if you do not trap them and remove them.

There are a few ways you can trap mice. You can use snap traps and electronic traps, for starters. Both traps provide a quick, humane method of trapping and killing. Live traps are also an option, but it means that you would need to release the mouse. You should release a mouse at least a mile from your home if you opt for a live trap.

Never use a glue trap. Although they can efficiently trap mice, it is a cruel method of capture that may violate regulation in Canada. Canada strictly prohibits methods that create unnecessary pain and fear for pest control. The mouse becomes stuck to the glue trap and may opt to chew off limbs to escape. Essentially, it experiences a slow and agonizing death.

The best method of capture is to hire a pest control Toronto professional. A professional mouse control company can capture mice in your home and rid you of the infestation. Contact a pro near you for assistance in the proper trapping and removal of mice in your home.