How Do Cockroaches Get into Homes

How Do Cockroaches Get into Homes?

When it comes to a cockroach infestation, people often feel embarrassed and delay calling cockroach control Toronto services. That is because it is commonly believed roaches will only invade a filthy environment. Having roaches in your home does not mean you live in filth. An occasional crumb dropped on the floor or the smallest of grease splotches is enough to attract cockroaches. Fortunately, figuring out how they get in can help you keep them out.

How You Get Cockroaches

Method of Entry

Roaches enter your home in a number of ways. The following are the most common forms of entry:

  • Packages: Cockroaches love entering homes via packages. Many manufacturers that produce paper, envelopes and boxes have large roach problems. Roches will eat the glue on boxes, envelopes, and other paper packages. If you have paper grocery sacks or receive a package, inspect it carefully to make sure it does not have roaches or roach eggs.
  • Guests: Cockroaches will enter homes through visitors. People who currently battle a roach infestation may inadvertently introduce roaches to your home through suitcases, purses, or anything else they may have on them. All it takes is one or two roaches for an entire roach population to explode in your home.
  • Items: Items that you borrow from someone or even items that you purchase through rent-to-own companies that have been in another person’s possession can give roaches access to your home. A person may lend you an item that has roaches in it without even realizing it. Make sure you inspect borrowed items carefully for signs of cockroaches. Rummage sale items are also an issue.

What You Can Do

Make sure you diligently sweep and vacuum your floors, scrub your counters, and wash your dishes daily. Remove any food particles from floors, counters, the top of your stove, and inside your microwave when you cook. Do not leave paper products stacked anywhere, either. Breakdown boxes and place them in a trash bin for trash removal.

Inspect everything you receive from another person. If you know someone that has a roach problem, do not make plans to have them come visit until they properly treat their home, first. If you notice any signs of roaches in your home, make sure you jump on effective treatment methods for removal.

A pest control company can handle roach removal. Contact a professional pest control company at the first sign of roaches in your home. The sooner you get ahead of the problem, the better the outcome will be. Call us now: 647-496-2211.