How Can I Prevent Roof Rats from Getting Inside my Attic

How Can I Prevent Roof Rats from Getting Inside My Attic?

As if Norway rats weren’t bad enough, we have roof rats to worry about, too. Roof rats are very agile and troublesome creatures that will climb up your house and into your attic if given the chance. Attics are ideal habitats for roof rats, so they should absolutely be protected against them. Roof rats carry several diseases and will make a terrible mess of your attic and inside walls if they get inside. For professional pest-proofing and peace of mind, call professional rat exterminator Toronto.

Roof rats, also known as black rats, are omnivorous scavengers that prefer to nest above ground. These rats are generally smaller and darker than Norway rats, with bodies that grow up to 20cm in length and soft, brown-black coats of fur. Roof rats also have pointier snouts and longer tails. As the name suggests, roof rats like to inhabit the roofs and attics, and walls of people’s homes. They are excellent climbers that will find their way inside by climbing through gaps in the roof or chewing their way through any weak spots in the outer structure of the home.

There’s not much you can do about the warmth of your house attracting the rodents, but you can seal and block any entry points that they could use to get inside. If you can, inspect your roof closely for any gaps or cracks in the roof’s edge or soffits. Check the vents for any damage and make all necessary repairs. Rats can fit through gaps only half an inch wide, and chew around even smaller holes to make them larger. Rats often build their nests inside walls. Rats in the walls can cause a lot of problems for homeowners including potential fire hazards. Block whatever gaps you find to prevent this from happening. You can also cap your vents with steel mesh that is sold in hardware stores.

Another helpful way to prevent roof rats from getting inside is to make your property less attractive and less accessible to rats. Cut tree branches at least 4 feet away from the roof and move shrubs away from the outer wall of the house. Keep the yard tidy and remove any weeds. If you have fruit trees, be sure to pick up their fruit as soon as they have fallen to the ground. If you have a dog, you should also pick up after them every time. Store bird seed and pet food away in sealed containers. Garbage should also be stored in sealed containers away from the home.

You are right to want to protect your home from roof rats. These animals are very destructive and hazardous once inside. It is much better to prevent their entry than to have to evict them later. Keep in mind that professional pest-proofing services are always available to you. A professional wildlife removal technician can inspect your home for any weak spots or entry points and protect them with galvanized steel mesh. He or she can also provide you with valuable advice and tips to keep your home safe. Call The Exterminators Pest Control Toronto today for quality inspections and guaranteed animal-proofing: 647-496-2211.