Do Pets Keep Rats Away?

Do Pets Keep Rats Away?

We all probably at some point watched cartoons where cats were running after rodents. Is that a myth? How accurate is  this portrayal? Which pest are actually useful to us during a rat infestation? These are just a few questions that usually get raised regarding rodents in general. Pets, indeed can help you reduce a rat infestation. On the other hand, left out pet food might increase the possibility of an infestation, while rats put your pets at serious health risks. If you are worried about your own and your pet’s health and you are looking for immediate answers, we highly encourage you to contact our experts at Rat Control Toronto Services, and they will be more than delighted to assist you.

Most likely when you are thinking about pets and rats, there is one animal that comes to your mind: cats. This is mostly a stereotype. Cats can be good at managing a rat infestation. The truth though, is that cats are not really interested or passionate about abandoning their comfy pad and start running around for a mere rodent. The only times they might perform such activity is for the simple act of bragging about their accomplishment. On top of that, the more they get older the less attracted to them they become. You also should know about Ontario’s regulation about killing wildlife since many of them are protected by the government, there is a great source about killing rats outdoors in Ontario.

On the other side, dogs are wonderful and prone to be catching rats successfully. Dogs desire to be dominant and satisfy their “master”, therefore that makes them ideal rat hunters. Dogs are known to be the best friends of human beings, and that is proved when they are restlessly run after rats, just to help you erase all of your troubles in your head. Moreover, there are actually specific breeds that were developed to precisely catch rats and other rodents. Nearly all these breeds are different types of Terriers. Terriers are great small animals hunters and they acquire great excavating skills. Additionally, they have extraordinary supplies of energy, and a fat and robust tail which is fat so that their “owner” can easily use to drag them out of a hole if necessary.

Our loving cats and dogs can actually assist us with a rat infestation problem. Nevertheless, rats are known to carry multiple diseases that are dangerous not only to your health but to your pets’ health likewise. Dogs, even though they are great hunters, are really sensitive to toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease that rats transmit. Furthermore, parasites such as fleas and ticks can carry as well numerous diseases that can be passed on to your pets and consequently to you. In that event, prevent yourself from irreversible troubles and struggles and hire our experts at Pest Control Toronto to take care of your possible rat infestation problems!