How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest – Why Hire a Professional

If you have a problem with wasps either in your house or business, it can be real trouble. You might be tempted to try and solve this yourself, but this is not recommended. Carry on reading to discover why you should hire a professional to get rid of wasps nests. You can do all the research you want, but if you are not experienced with wasps and try to get rid of the nest yourself, it could result in more problems – not to mention some very dangerous wasp stings. 

Using a professional company in Canada, means you are hiring knowledgeable staff to take care of the issue in a prompt manner. Some other reasons to hire professionals to exterminate your problems include the following.

– Do it yourself methods are expensive and often, they will not work! You are paying money for nothing when you could be paying a reasonable amount, with the guarantee that it will be useful for eliminating the insects. It should also be kept in mind that there are very strict insecticide regulations in Ontario.

– If you do not have the proper equipment to protect yourself when dealing with a wasps nest, you risk the chance of injury or even life-threatening stings. Many people are allergic to these creatures and don’t even know it and so many of the insects together can be deadly.

– There are different types of chemicals available to you, than what there are to the professionals. You could be using chemicals that are harmful when exposed to, without even knowing it. On the other hand, you could be using products that only do not work.

– You might think that you’ve got rid of the problem, but it’s challenging to get rid of wasps nests entirely. Even if the wasps are gone, the nest can remain in the structure of the property which means the same thing will happen as a new year approaches.

Wasp Nest in Eaves or Soffit

wasp nest in eaves removal

Warmer temperatures equal wandering wasps, who might have picked your eaves or roof as their new home. If you’ve noticed increased amounts of wasps on your property during the summertime, it’s possible that there is a wasp’s nest in your eaves or roof- and it’s probably time to hire a wasp exterminator. The nest that is inside wall voids or inside the eves or the siding of the soffit can remain active well into the fall months.

The heat coming from the structure can keep a nest alive for months after the season ends. Wasps are very aggressive insects, and having the wasp nest in eaves or your roof can be particularly dangerous if you spend a lot of time entertaining or working in the yard, or have children that play outside often. Sure, getting rid of the wasp nest yourself is an option but one you’re likely to regret once the stings start coming! If you hire an exterminator, there’s no need for you to squeeze into tight corners, or to balance precariously on the roof (truly a relief for you, and your whole family).

Removing wasp nests yourself is never recommended – it’s best to leave it to the professionals. That’s why you should hire an exterminator – one who is fully licensed and accredited. The exterminator will be able to determine the best way to remove the wasp nest and will have the necessary safety equipment and protective clothing to do the job. A good exterminator knows his routine and will be able to advise you on the best way to avoid the reoccurrence in the future.

If you hire an exterminator, there will also be no risk of using dangerous and possibly incorrect pesticides so close to your face without protection, as they have trade products which are stronger and more efficient than publicly-available products and the right breathing gear to use it safely. If you hire the exterminator, they can even spray preventative treatments on the area to convince wasps to move along instead next time!

If you spot a wasp nest in eaves or the roof of your property, do not attempt to advance on the wasps by yourself or set it on fire or throw it in water-just hire the reputable exterminator. Wasps react to the smallest of stimuli and will be quick to overwhelm you – the stings are recurring and if you’re allergic the consequences may be extremely dire.

Safety as the priority and the right protective equipment and treatment is particularly important if the wasp nest is in the eaves or the roof, as the risk of panicking and falling from the height is a serious possibility. Don’t risk your safety and health for something so quickly taken care of by a professional. Make the right choice and hire the exterminator to get rid of that wasp nest in the eaves or the roof.

Wasp Nest Inside Walls or Sidings – How To Deal With It

wasp nest inside wall or siding

Wasps are naturally very aggressive and volatile insects. This is especially true when they feel threatened and swarm. Not only can their stings cause significant irritation and pain to those on the unfortunate receiving end of their aggression, but in the most extreme of cases, a swarm of wasps can cause death. It is therefore of utmost importance that once you identify a wasps nest in your walls or siding, you do not try to be a hero call your local wasp removal Toronto service. 

How to deal with a wasp nest inside walls

For the most part, many homeowners tend to think that just because they cannot see or do not interact directly with the wasp’s nest in their walls or siding on a day to day basis, they can ignore it. After all, if it is bothering anyone, what is the harm done? This kind of notion is a big mistake. The longer the nest remains attached to your home the more it will grow, and soon enough it will be out of control. Remember, the wasps have to come out and find food. At some point, they will interact with you, and your family and wasps are not exactly in the habit of taking any prisoners.

Another thing to consider is that the bigger the nest becomes, the more likely it is to branch out and find its way into your home. That is why you need to hire a licensed and professional exterminator as soon as you even suspect that you may have a wasp nest building up.

Why not take it down yourself?

Although you will find a lot of advice online saying that all you would need to get rid of a wasps nest at home are the following:

– Protective clothing.
– A closer look to identify the nest location and best way to dislodge it.
– Spraying the wasp with an extermination spray.

Of course, no one is saying that you cannot get rid of wasps this way. After all, most homeowners also double as avid do-it-yourself enthusiasts who can handle any situation thrown their way. You are, however, advised to avoid doing so because wasps can be very unpredictable and very volatile. Any mistake could cause great agitation to the livid members of the nest who will not hesitate to sting you and anyone within the vicinity thus causing unbelievable pain and discomfort, possibly hospitalization for everyone affected.

Wasp Nest on Tree – How to Remove It?

Wasp Nest on Tree – How to Remove It

How to remove a wasp nest from a tree? Getting rid of a wasp nest by yourself is no simple task and can be dangerous. Just like bees, wasps tend to become very aggressive when disturbed and can inflict painful stings to anyone within the vicinity. If you notice a wasp nest near your home, it can pose a significant risk to your family and should, therefore, be eliminated as fast as
possible. It might be tempting to try and remove the nest by yourself when faced with an infestation, but the best thing to do is hire professional pest extermination services. It’s highly advisable to avoid do-it-yourself solutions at all cost. A professional wasp control will effectively remove the wasps, keeping you and your entire family safe from the threat of painful stings.

Wasp Nest on Tree Removal – How to Remove It?

According to experts, the best and most efficient solution for eradicating wasps is to solve the primary cause, and a reputable licensed exterminator will do a great job eliminating this menace for you. To remove a wasp nest in a tree, the exterminator will follow the following procedure;

Firstly, the technician will perform a visual inspection of the tree before deciding on the treatment plan. The technician will then wear protective gear to keep him safe from wasp stings. He will also ensure that no one is around during the extermination to prevent any possible danger from wasp stings. Next, the technician will locate the nest on the tree and identify the type of wasps to ensure that the right treatment is used. The technician will then apply wasp insecticide which can be in the form of aerosols, liquids, or dust. It should be done at dusk or dawn when most wasps have returned to their nests and are therefore less active.

Once the wasps have been completely eradicated, the technician will then remove the nest and dispose of it off to prevent a new colony from using it. The technician will also discourage the wasps from nesting once again by cutting off the tree branches.

Why Hire Professional Wasp Extermination Services?

Wasps can be a real menace when they build their nests on your property. Because of their aggressive nature, it’s often advisable to hire professional extermination services for active eradication. Hiring a reputable license exterminator is advisable because they have the necessary tools & equipment, products, and the necessary skills to ensure complete eradication of these dangerous pests. So if you suspect a wasp infestation on one of the trees near your home, don’t hesitate to call professional extermination services for fast eradication to ensure the safety of you and your entire family. Aside from our wasp nest removal services we offer a section of wasp control products. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.

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Article Updated: August 15th, 2018