How to Deal with Mice in Your Homes Heating System

How To Deal With Mice In Heating Ducts

When you have a mice infestation you going then you are probably wondering how mice from place to place so quickly. They stay behind walls and pass through vents without being noticed by humans.

Got a mouse in your house? Contact professional mice control Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible! 

That allows them time for everything to cool down. Next, you can purchase snap traps or bait that needs to be placed in each duct. Mice are very swayed by peanut butter chocolate or another kind of fruit. Load the trap in each vent with the short side touching the wall of the door and the bait side closest to the wall so they could have easy access to the bait. Make sure to check the bait to see if you caught something. Remove any traps with dead mice and reset the traps that have gone off without causing harm to the mice. When you’re removing dead mice, wear rubber gloves to prevent spreading bacteria all around and contaminating surface areas. Make sure to place a dead mouse in a sealed bag and for extra security make sure to bag it twice. To keep mice out of those out ducts, make sure to seal any possible gaps or holes that provide entry points for these small creatures. To do this effectively, it is advised to hire a professional pest control service they can easily determine the entry points. When is the technician has determined areas of a possible breach, the technician can then move on to seal them up to prevent further infestation. To seal the doors, make sure to purchase weatherstripping strips.

If you smell, see mice droppings, or even see a live mouse do not hesitate and call a reputable pest control service in the Greater Toronto Area immediately to have the mouse problem resolved as soon as possible. One of our technicians will visit and perform an exterior inspection and then place exterior bait stations which will then cause the mouse to eventually perish. The technicians will make suggestions as to where mice can breach to have them then sealed up. We want to let you know that we take the safety of our technicians and that of our customers very seriously and that we will try to accommodate your request in every possible way in the uncertain times that we are facing.