How to Examine Your House for Rat Entry Points

How to Examine Your House for Rat Entry Points

Rats will chew on just about anything including electrical wires, wood columns and books. These animals also carry many diseases some of which have killed humans in the past. Excluding the rats is just one part of the solution. It is also necessary to figure out how they are getting into the house in the first place and to permanently seal all possible entry points. This inspection can be cumbersome especially in a big house. A rat can squeeze through an impossibly small so you may have to check literally every inch of your house.

How to Check for Rat Entry Points

Some of the common places you need to check include;

  • All vents (roof, ground level crawl space and gable vents)
  • Roof and roof lines
  • Doors and windows
  • Powerline entry points
  • Plumbing stacks
  • Air conditioner chases
  • Wall ceiling
  • Toilet
  • Furnace ducts
  • Brid blocking vents
  • Foundation
  • Potential ladders such as trees, shrubs and vines

It is crucial that you know the architecture of your house inside out and think of all the hidden openings and spots so you don’t miss anything. It also helps if you know what to look for to indicate possible entry points. Scratch marks, droppings, damage, odors, stains and scurrying sounds are tell-tale signs of possible rat entry points.

Make sure that you wear the necessary protective gear including a body suit, respirator, gloves and knee pads. This is a dangerous job because of the potential disease that can be transmitted through coming into contact with rat urine and droppings.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Checking for rat entry points in Canada is a pain-staking task and it highly unlikely that you will find and seal all gaps and holes that are letting rodents in. A rat can squeeze through a 5/8 inch gap or a hole the size of a quarter. A pest control professional is far more likely to do a perfect job and is properly trained and experienced to find exactly where the rodents are getting entry into your home.

It is also necessary to perform intensive cleaning after exclusion if rats have been in your home. Rat droppings and urine carry many diseases some of which can be inhaled. A professional exterminator in Canada has the right safety equipment and cleaning products to perform the necessary sanitation and to rat-proof your home successfully.

Hire a pest control company that offers a warranty for the job. Getting rid of rats is a difficult job even for professionals so it is necessary to have a guarantee that the problem has been resolved permanently. Contact the Exterminators if you need to hire a reputable licensed exterminator to deal with your problem. Call us at 647-496-2211 or check our store for rat control products.