Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs

Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Spiders are terrifying to most people, but they are known to take out other unwanted pests from the home, such as mosquitoes and fruit flies. One may hope that a house spider would also eat bed bugs if given the opportunity. Bed bugs however require more than a house spider to be eliminated. If you suspect bed bug activity in your home, give bed bug control Toronto a call.

Bed bugs are little brown insects that look a lot like beetles. The average bed bug is about 5mm long and has a flat body that allows it to hide very effectively within the crevices of the mattress or bedroom furniture. Bed bugs feed solely on the blood of humans and animals. To do so, they sneak out of their hiding spots while their victims are asleep and bite them with a numbing agent so they can feed without waking their victims up. Once fed, they retreat back into their hiding spots and sleep during the day.

Most spiders are too small to eat bed bugs, but there are some species that can. Wolf spiders, jumping spiders, running crab spiders, and yellow sac spiders eat bed bugs. These are hunter spiders that actively hunt their prey instead of trapping them in webs. They will sneak up on bed bugs and catch them unawares. There are some other species of insects that hunt bed bugs, too, like the masked hunter, the pharaoh ant, and the cockroach. If they were to come across a bed bug, they would probably eat it.  An infested home could attract these insects as well.

If you think there might be bed bugs in your home, look for the signs of an infestation. Bed bugs like to hide in the seams of the mattress and within the crevices of bedroom furniture, so try taking your mattress out of its bed frame and search carefully. Bed bug feces are tiny black or reddish-brown specks that you may find in these places. You should also keep your eyes peeled for little white eggs and molted bed bug skins. Spots or smears of blood may also appear on your bed sheets. You can also check your arms, hands, legs, and feet for bites. These are small, red or pink bumps that usually feel itchy.

Spiders are incredible hunters but most of them are too small to eat bed bugs. Eliminating a bed bug infestation requires professional intervention. The Exterminators offers thorough inspections and treatments that will get rid of any bed bug problem. We use a combination of professional-grade insecticides and steam treatments to eliminate bed bugs at every stage of the lifecycle. Reach out to pest extermination (647-496-2211) today for the safest and most effective bed bug removal.