Do Rats Have Fleas

Do Rats Have Fleas?

We are all aware of those little parasites that can sometimes be hidden under the fur of our loving cats and dogs. But the question is: Do also rats carry fleas on their skin? And the answer is yes, rats are very likely to transmit fleas, therefore having a rat infestation around your property can put your own and your family’s health at serious risk. Rats tend to reproduce at a very fast pace, and so it would be a great idea for your peace of mind to contact promptly rat control Toronto services and get a rat-free residence or business environment as soon as possible!

Rat fleas in house are tiny parasites that feed on blood, while their bites cause itchy and painful red bumps on the skin. Fleas are wingless but they use their small and powerful legs to jump long distances. Rats are prone to carry fleas known as oriental or tropical rat fleas that can be infected. Oriental rat fleas are a primary vector for bubonic or septicemic plague, murine typhus or even tapeworms, and the expense on human health is enormous. During a plague outbreak many rats die, which has as a result, the hungry fleas to look for an alternative food source such as the human blood. When fleas infected with the plague bacteria known also as Yersinia pestis bite humans, the bacteria gets into our bloodstream. The infection causes swelling in the lymph nodes of the human body, which can be, unfortunately, fatal if not treated on time.

Every animal and rodent is different, and so are rats. The process of exclusion that we follow is unique to the rat’s special characteristics. Our experts conduct every stage with care and responsibility to provide you a free-rat environment. The first stage of our process is the inspection of the exterior and/or the interior spaces of your property. In the course of the inspection, the technician will look for droppings, the smell of urine, holes and various other signs of possible rat infestation. After having a discussion with the customer we proceed to the second stage which is the removal. Accordingly, our crew members install mechanical snap traps for treating the interior spaces and bait-stations for the exterior ones which successfully results in the eradication of the rat presence in and out of your property. The third and highly recommended stage of our process is the sealing of those entry-points, so rats don’t have a way in anymore.

As mentioned above, rats breed and reproduce in a very fast and exponential pace, and given its risks, it is important to be aware of any signs that might appear to you. Dark brown droppings in a spindle shape and urine odours are some of the common signs. Other signs can include footprints and rub marks, scratching noises at night and chewed paper and cables. We strongly advise you to hire a professional pest control company in the Toronto area to conduct rat extermination procedures for your safety in a very effective manner. In any case, do not hesitate to contact Pest Control Toronto for immediate assistance.