Difference Between Fleas and Bed Bugs

Do Bed Bug Bites Transmit Any Diseases?

Bed bugs are little globe-trotting parasites. They travel far and wide to enter people’s homes, bite them in their sleep, and leave a dirty mess behind them. You may be wondering what kinds of horrible diseases bed bugs could bring along with them. Thankfully, bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans. This is a common misconception. Bed bugs do, however, cause much distress and discomfort to those who have them. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home or business, contact Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto for safe and effective treatment. 

Living with bed bugs can be very stressful. Bite marks, which appear in lines and clusters of small red bumps, can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Though they don’t transmit any diseases, some people are allergic to these bites and experience painful swelling that may require medical attention. Scratching bed bug bites too much may cause cellulitis, a bacterial infection that can spread to the lymph nodes and circulatory system if left untreated. The presence of bed bugs may also be psychologically harmful. Some cases of bed bugs lead to insomnia and feelings of anxiety because they invade what is possibly the most personal space of one’s home. Because they are so good at hiding, it’s nearly impossible to tell how many of them there are, and this causes a lot of stress. Many people feel embarrassed for having bed bugs and worry about what others might think should they find out about it.

Besides the physical and psychological symptoms of having bed bugs, other signs of bed bugs include blood and feces staining the bed sheets. Blood stains appear as reddish-brown smears or droplets – blood that came directly from the victim when a bed bug bit them. Feces are darker in colour and come in small, round spots, usually speckling the stained area. These droppings usually smell of rotting berries. Eggs are white and can be found stuck to surfaces like the crevices of a mattress. Yellow-coloured skins shed by young bed bugs may also be found in their hiding spots. Yellow-coloured skins shed by young bed bugs may also be found in their hiding spots.

Despite their parasitic and messy nature, there is no evidence of bed bugs transmitting any diseases to humans. The longer one waits, however, the worse the infestation will get. Only a professional approach can properly solve the problem as bed bugs are difficult to eradicate completely. Our experts at Pest Control Toronto provide an extensive inspection of the infested area, then combine a steam treatment with the application of insecticides that eliminate the bed bugs at all stages of the lifecycle. If you have any concerns about bed bugs, give us a call.