Can I use a Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bugs?

Can I use a Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bugs?

Steam can kill bed bugs and their eggs. It is part of a professional bed bug treatment. If you are going to use a steamer for a treatment you will perform on your own, you will want to strip bedding from your mattress and box spring and use the steamer on the creases of the mattress and every crack and crevice on your bed frame. If steam is the only thing used, however it may not work. The problem is, even if you miss one egg or one female insect, you are bound to experience the problem again in the near future. It is important that you know how bed bug sheddings look like as they can be early signs of bed bugs in your home.

Steam is effective against bed bugs because the high temperature creates conditions in which they cannot survive. But not every steamer is going to be as effective. Different steamers provide different levels of heat. Most steamers available to the general public do not have the capacity to penetrate deep into fabrics and kill bed bugs in their hiding spots. If you are going to use a lower quality steamer, you have to be extremely thorough and apply steam directly on the insects and directly on the eggs. 

If you are going to use a steamer, it is imperative that you read and understand the manual that is provided with the product. Some steamers can reach very high temperatures and be very dangerous. At the same time, there is pressure inside the steamer’s tank that can also be very dangerous if not used properly. There are different appliances available for bed bug removal, but professional steamers are manufactured specifically to deal with insect control. While steamers can be an effective tool when dealing with bed bugs, do not be surprised if your steamer is not up to the challenge. The steamers we use at The Exterminators Inc. are manufactured specifically for bed bug treatment and they are the best. If you are dealing with bed bugs in your property and you want to get rid of them in a fast and effective way call the professionals from Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto. We will get your property bed bug free as soon as possible!

While steam is indeed effective in dealing with bed bugs, it is not a comprehensive solution. A professional bed bug treatment consists of the use of steam combined with the strategic application of commercial-grade insecticides. The use of insecticide as part of a bed bug treatment is essential as it prevents bed bugs from scattering, spreading, or hiding and reappearing. When the insects reappear, they will come in contact with the residual left behind after the treatment, safeguarding you and your family from any resurgence in activity. Every bed bug treatment is a two-stage process; we always conduct a second follow-up treatment two weeks after the initial one to be absolutely certain that the bed bugs are gone. Contact Pest Control Toronto for more information about how our bed bug treatment is right for you.