Case Study: Wasp Removal and Pest-Proofing in Scarborough

Case Study: Wasp Removal and Pest-Proofing in Scarborough

The following case studies details a wasp removal and pest-proofing service in Scarborough, Ontario. Wasps were found buzzing around a Scarborough home and building nests, which a technician promptly removed while on site. A complete exclusion of the home was then carried out to stop the re-occurrence of nests. The exclusion performed would keep wasps, mice, bats, and other small pests from nesting inside the attic. For guaranteed wasp removal in Scarborough, call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.


The homeowner in this case first called The Exterminators when she noticed that some wasps would fly in and out of her second storey wall, near a window. She was concerned that some wasps were building a nest inside her home. This occurred in early summer, which is when most wasps begin to build their nests. A member of the Exterminators team came to inspect the property on the very next day.

During the inspection, the technician found a few holes surrounding the second storey window. Weep vents, which are the little gaps seen between the bricks in the wall, are large enough to fit wasps. Once inside, they risk building nests that expand into the walls of the home. The technician recommended having these covered to keep pests out.

Weep Vent Entry Point
Little holes like this one present wasps with an opportunity to nest. Wasps like to attach their nests to openings and gaps above ground.

Gaps were also found along the edges of the soffits, where the soffits met the brick wall. These gaps provide an entry point for wasps, mice, bats, and squirrels. To prevent these pests from getting inside, the technician recommended having these sealed with a combination of mesh and caulking.

Soffit Gaps Pest Entry Point
Mice are known to climb brick walls and crawl into the attic via the gaps they find in the soffits. Bats often use these gaps and wasps will use them to attach their nests.

Other entry points, including wall vents and roof vents were also observed. While it is less common for wasps to nest in these, they are prone to rodents. Mice and rats will climb the walls of the house and chew their way through wall vents. Squirrels can chew their way through roof vents and raccoons can tear them off.

While examining the rest of the house, the technician found a very small wasp nest near the front door of the house. The nest was small because it was still early in the season. This would have to be removed immediately to prevent the nest from getting any bigger. Wasp colonies may grow from a handful of wasps in the spring to hundreds by late summer.

Wasp Nest in Soffit
Wasp nests are built in the spring, and they start at the size of a gold ball. Nests get larger over the course of the summer, so it is important that you have them removed immediately.

Treatment and Exclusion

Following the inspection, the technician spoke with the homeowner and discussed all of her options. It was recommended that she have the wasp nest removed, then had other potential entry points sprayed with a preventative insecticide. The technician also recommended pest-proofing the premises by addressing the vulnerabilities listed in the inspection. The homeowner agreed to go forward with all of the work, and the technician got started.

First, the technician sprayed 3 different openings around the second storey window. This would discourage wasps from building nests there and eliminate any that were present. Next, he applied an insecticide the little wasp’s nest, then coated the area with a powder. This would also prevent any more wasps from nesting there. The homeowner was encouraged to wait a few hours before entering the area, as it may have angered some wasps.

Insecticidal Powder
The wasp nest was sprayed with insecticide, then removed and coated with powder to prevent the formation of a new nest.

For added protection, the technician also placed 2 wasp domes around the homeowner’s property. This would trap foraging wasps and prevent them from building more nests. A spray for crawling insects, such as ants and centipedes, was applied along the foundation to keep other bugs out as well.

Next came the exclusion. The technician installed a total of 42 weep vent covers, then capped 4 wall vents with mesh. The mesh used consisted of a 16-gauge, galvanized steel, which is impenetrable by rodents. The spaces between the mesh were narrow enough to keep mice out, and the galvanization would prevent rusting.

Because much of the exclusion was above ground, the technician returned a few days later, with a second technician and all the safety gear they would need. Together, they sealed up 240 feet of gaps along the soffits’ edges. First, a mesh was installed within the gap, then it was sealed with caulking. This combination of steel and silicone would keep wasps, bats, mice, and other pests from crawling into the attic.

Pest-Proof Mesh in Soffit
First, a mesh was placed inside the gap to prevent animals from chewing their way through.
Soffit Exclusion with Caulking
Then, a silicone caulking was added to secure the mesh and keep small pests out, like mice, bats, and wasps. The caulking matched the walls of the home for a discreet look.


Within a few days, the homeowner stopped having problems with wasps. The nest was never rebuilt, and no more wasps were seen buzzing around the premises. The combination of pesticides and exclusion worked wonders. Eliminating the nest immediately, then applying preventative insecticides stopped any more wasps from building nests. Excluding the home would also keep the homeowners safe from any future invasions.


Wasps are very common in Scarborough and across the GTA. These are hardy pests that will build nests in the most unsuspecting places. Thankfully, there are professionals that can identify these weak spots and pest-proof them for you. In this case, the technician found multiple points of entry and sealed them shut with a combination of insecticides, mesh, and caulking.

Our technicians go above and beyond to eliminate the threat of pests. If you have been having problems with wasps, give us a call. We use professional-grade insecticides that eliminate wasps on site and keep them from coming back. We can also find potential entry points and block them off so that no more pests get inside. Call The Exterminators for pest control in Scarborough.