Best Rodent Control Methods

Best Rodent Control Methods for Mice – DIY vs. Professional

Mice are pests that typically put homeowners off. Regardless, just like any other pest, they still somehow find their way indoors to scavenge for food and comfortable hiding spots. However, apart from being nuisances, mice are also prone to be hazardous to the health of homeowners. Their feces and urine usually contain bacteria that leads to diseases like Tularemia, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and Salmonellosis. Thus, any signs of mice infestation are to be taken seriously and you need to call Toronto mice control service quickly to get rid of them.

How Mice Infest Our Home

There are many different ways mice can get into your home and knowing how they do it makes up for a good eradication of all the mice in your premises. Holes in the windows, openings around pipes, cracks in the home foundation, openings in the attic, missing vents, crawl spaces and mainly every opening that leads straight outside. You should know they are attracted by leftover food and potential hiding spaces. Since mouse life cycle is very quick they can infest your property very quickly.

DIY Mice Control

There are a handful of different DIY methods to control mice infestation out there. The problem is, a large percentage of those methods are mostly mot effective when you are dealing with the mouse infestation. Mouse traps are probably the most common types and are usually available in three distinct varieties – snap traps, bait stations, and live traps. It is necessary to know rodent behavior to place and use these tools successfully. Also, if not handled with caution, they can be dangerous to people and pets alike. A similar alternative will be to make use of electronic modules that keep mice away by emitting specific frequencies. However, this product is quite expensive and is generally unreliable.

Professional Mice Control

One of the best ways to quickly handle rodent infestation is by inquiring about the services of a professional pest control company. The pest control company has a lot of experience and know-how to take care of rodent infestations and provide mice control services that keep rodents away and make sure they do not come back. Professional pest control personnel can place traps and baits in safe and efficient manners to quickly get rid of mice and keep your pets and family safe. The average homeowner can not singlehandedly sniff out entry points mice might be using to infiltrate the home, however, you can read this article that explains how to find mice entry points. On the other hand, professional pest control personnel is trained and experienced at identifying and closing these entry points to lock out unwanted guests.

You shouldn’t wait for the mouse infestation issue to get out of hand before you begin eliminating them from your home. As stated earlier, it is important to quickly eradicate rodents as soon as they are noticed; and the best way to do this is, of course, with professional mice control services. Call us at 647-496-2211 to get your problem solved by our experienced pest control technicians. Additionally, feel free to check out the online store for mouse control products.