How to Disinfect a Room

How to Disinfect a Room, Both Air, and Surfaces?

As the world is coming to terms with the sudden arrival of the Coronavirus, originating in China, Wuhan, since December 2019. Government organizations all around the world have placed their cities, states, and even compete for countries such as Italy and as of recently Singapore on complete lockdown in a bid to tackle the propagation of the Coronavirus.

These increased measures have people reevaluating their strategies for keeping their own living spaces as clean as possible. The world health organization stresses the importance of regular disinfection of frequently touched areas and places to prevent pathogens from us sick. The key here is to commit do the cleaning on a regular basis as we spend more time indoors.

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Cleaning a room effectively

To effectively disinfect a room, you first need to clean the surface as disinfecting involves the process of eliminating the microbial population of a surface. To tackle this problem, it is smart to compile a list of the most frequently touched area in your room, this goes without saying to include your electronics as well i.e. laptops, phones, earbuds, and tablets.

What approach to take to clean your room?

The best approach is to treat large surfaces first, such as tables and desks. Make sure to clean these surfaces with a light wet cloth paired with water and soap. This old-fashioned approach is actually the most effective one when you consider cost-friendliness. next wipe down. Things to remember to while down in more detail: TV remote, doorknobs and light switch plates, counters, tables, cabinets and drawer handles, refrigerator handles, faucets with disinfectant wipes – anything people touch often.

Stripping linen 

Next what you want to do, is strip all the linen from your bed, as this is a very essential part considering that we are increasing spending most of our downtime on our beds. Don’t forget to wash towels, washcloths, and clothing worn or slept in. Disinfect your clothes with bleach and colour-safe bleach for colours. Make sure to follow the recommended quantities based on the type of fabric is involved.

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