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Mice Control Toronto. Effective, reliable and guaranteed mouse extermination. Our technicians will seal all entry points and control the mouse population. We employ a variety of methods. Please consult our exterminator to determine which treatment is best for your space and situation. Our services are guaranteed and our prices are competitive. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211


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How To Control Mice?

The first step to controlling a mouse population has to do with making sure that you limit all things that attract mice in the first place. Good housekeeping, proper storage and handling of food materials and disposal of organic wastes are essential. As the first control step, piles of trash, organic and not should be eliminated which can serve as hiding and nesting sites.

The second step is the extermination. Limiting the population that currently exists and disrupting their reproductive cycle.

The final step is making sure no other rodents can make their way in. Rodent proofing by means of structural barriers to deny access to buildings and food is a necessity. Metal screening should be placed over dryer vents and other ventilation openings, and under open porches or sheds. After the entry points are sealed our licensed exterminator will perform a chemical treatment using rodenticides. Snap or glue trap treatments can also be used upon request.

Chemical Mice Control

Chemical control is performed with the use of rodenticides. Depending on the situation, the level of infestation and layout, our exterminator will use multiple or single dose anticoagulant rodenticides. Common active ingredients in rodenticides are chlorophacinone, diphacinon. These chemicals are placed in sealed and damage proof plastic containers to avoid contamination. These containers are then placed by the licensed exterminator in the appropriate places to induce feeding. This is the most effective way to control rodents. The rodenticide is placed in tamper resistant containers that require a key to open.

After we determine the areas of highest mouse activity the bait stations are placed strategically to maximize the feed rate. The stations are child and pet safe, they are tamper resistant and require a key to open. Depending on the severity of the infestation and on factors like competing food sources the mouse problem is usually solved within a few weeks. Typically mice will take the poison and die. We use commercial rodenticides that are not available to the general public. They contain higher concentrations of the active ingredient and only a licensed exterminator can carry and apply. While there are many poisons available we only use products that we field test extensively. We carry products that can deal with even the most problematic infestations.

The use of rodenticide is the most cost efficient way to deal with a mouse problem. We guarantee the extermination and provide a full 6 month warranty to make sure that whatever is there is gone.

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Does Trapping Mice Work?

Yes and no. While the House mouse is easily trapped with spring traps you will need a very large number of traps to exterminate a mouse population in a structure. That is especially true in restaurants, warehouses and other commercial facilities with regular deliveries and more traffic. Open doors, loading docks and other activities tend to help start and perpetuate a rodent problem. The traps should be placed against and perpendicular to baseboards, boxes or other sheltered areas or possible runways. Traps need to be baited, cleaned and reset regularly. They should be inspected daily and dead mice should be removed promptly. Multi-catch traps are also available for use in food, feed and other areas where chemical rodenticides cannot be used. Glue boards can also be considered for use in such areas. We provide rodent trapping programs for food processing facilities, restaurants and other establishments where the use of poison is not permuted. Customized trapping programs require regular maintenance and adjustments. Our commercial mouse control programs are extremely effective.


Exclusion – Mouse Proofing

There are many things that can be done to prevent mice from entering a structure in the first place. These have to do with sealing all entry points so mice cannot come in. After the extermination takes place and signs of activity subside it is time to make sure there are no entry points that mice can use to enter a structure.

Doors and windows need to be kept closed at all times if not used, or have proper screening devices installed. Windows left open at night offer mice easy access. If windows have mosquito screens this will probably be satisfactory.

Common mouse proofing methods are:

  • Screening of roof vents
  • Sewer rat guards
  • Mouse proofing of pipe openings
  • Curtain Walls
  • Utility Line Guards
  • Metal Screening on dryer vents
  • Sealing all small holes

If you are experiencing problems with mice, give us a call. Speak directly to an exterminator and schedule an inspection or treatment. Call: 647-496-2211

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If Mice Return Within The Contractual Period So Will We.

If pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators for Mouse Control Toronto solutions.

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