Hole in Window Frame

Case Study: Multiple Entry Points, Mouse Extermination in Toronto

This case study deals with a mouse extermination in Toronto and demonstrates the importance of a thorough inspection. Several openings were found on the property, which were likely responsible for bringing mice into the home. The technician on site placed several bait stations around the property to eliminate the mice, though a full exclusion of the openings found during the inspection would be needed to keep mice out indefinitely. If you have been dealing with a mouse problem, reach out to The Exterminators. We provide comprehensive solutions to all pest problems.

Exterior Inspection

The inspection is the first step in getting rid of pests. With every job, our technicians perform detailed inspection in which they find every possible entry point and where the pests are most active. This lets us address the causes of the infestation, so it doesn’t persist or happen again. This inspection took place in January, when mice infestations are quite common. Mice frequently sneak into homes during the fall, then become a larger problem in the winter.

Here, the technician found several entry points. Entry points are openings in the side of the home that could let in mice or other pests. A significant hole was found on the edge of a basement window, as well as a gap in the back porch and space underneath the back door. Given their width, a mouse could easily fit through. Mice can fit through the same openings that can fit a ballpoint pen. Once inside, they nest in the insulation between the walls of the home.

Back Porch Entry Point
Decks and porches are often overlooked. However, there may be cracks in the foundation behind the porch that are letting in mice and insects. These parts of the wall should be sealed, or the deck should be excluded.
Back Door Mouse Entry Point
Mice often get inside simply by walking through the door. This can be fixed by adding weatherstripping to the bottom of the door.
Hole in Window Frame
The hole on the side of the window frame could be fixed with caulking or epoxy or by covering it in mesh.

The entry points in this case could be addressed very easily. The technician offered to exclude them on the spot, using weather-proof mesh and caulking, but the homeowner opted to do the work himself. Exclusion is a very important step in the extermination process. It traps mice indoors, so they can eat bait, and it keeps other mice from getting inside and prolonging the infestation.

Interior Inspection

Following the exterior inspection, the technician inspected the interior. Mouse droppings were found in the kitchen cabinets, and the homeowner reported having seen mice scurry across the living room of his unit. This was a longstanding issue for everyone in the building.

To get rid of the mice, the technician recommended having bait stations placed in areas of mouse activity. Bait stations are little plastic boxes that contain rodenticide, a mouse poison in the form of edible bait. They are locked and tamper-proof, so no pets, children, or curious individuals can access the rodenticide. Only a licensed professional can supply these, and a professional knows where they would work best.

The homeowner in this case agreed to have bait stations placed throughout his unit but decided to do the exclusion himself. The technician then brought out the bait stations and placed them in key areas of activity.

Ceiling Void Bait Station
A hole in the ceiling let the technician place a bait station in the floor void above. Mice frequently move from one unit to the next by crawling up the walls and through the floors.


Within a few weeks, the mice were no longer a problem. They fed on the baits placed throughout the home and died down. Professional baits are highly effective, but they won’t keep mice away forever. The homeowner in this case would need to have his building excluded to keep mice from coming back.

If you are dealing with a similar situation, or if you need help getting rid of mice, give us a call. Our technicians have the training and experience to find all entry points. We offer comprehensive treatments that get rid of mice quickly and keep them from coming back. Our services are safe, affordable, and guaranteed. Call us today for mouse control in Toronto and beyond.