Why to Use Professional Disinfection After Removing Raccoon Feces

The reason why it is strongly advised to use a professional disinfection service is because of Baylisascaris,  a roundworm found in raccoons. When a roundworm infects a human, it can have serious consequences for personal health for anyone who came in contact with the feces.  Areas that are of risk of being invaded by this particular type of roundworm are the eyes, the brain, and organs. People residing in Toronto where raccoon activity is especially high in urban neighbourhoods are the most at risk. it has been estimated that transmission rates in adult raccoons can be as high as seventy percent and ninety percent in younger raccoons. 

People usually get roundworms by raccoons by eating the eggs of indirectly. The most vulnerable group at risk are young children who might put dirt in their mouth and unintentionally ingest the which were passed down the stool of the raccoon. “…signs and symptoms of raccoon roundworm infection include nausea, tiredness, liver enlargement, loss of coordination, lack of attention to people and surroundings, loss of muscle control, blindness, and coma. 

Symptoms will develop within 1 to 4 weeks after exposure…” The eggs of roundworms typically hatch after two to four weeks after being able to cause an infection. In environments, with adequate moisture, these eggs are able to live up to several years. To avoid roundworms by raccoons it is advised to teach young children the importance of good hygiene after having played outside and to teach them the importance of washing hands thoroughly for twenty seconds. Fences can be put up to deter raccoons from entering your property.

The keeping of raccoons as domestic pets is therefore highly discouraged. One must avoid contact with raccoons in any kind of way as most raccoons are infected with roundworms. To ensure the personal safety from being infected it is advised to remove any raccoon dens, raccoon feces by professionals, and latrines that raccoons may be actively using. To remove any kind of excretion and or feces please remember to wear the appropriate protective gear if you are embarking on this task alone including the utilization of gloves and a respirator.

For the removal process, hiring a professional disinfection service is highly encouraged to reduce the risk of contracting any illness. It is essential that symptoms mentioned above should be treated as soon as possible and that proper hygiene on a daily general basis is required to reduce the risk of getting any illness.