Why More Dogs are Getting Sick from Rats and What You Can Do About It

Why More Dogs are Getting Sick from Rats and What You Can Do About it

Many dogs within the Greater Toronto Area are getting sick with Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that affects both humans and animals. Most of these cases are coming from rats. Rats carry a number of terrible diseases and close contact is unfortunately not required for them to spread them to your dog – these diseases are spread in rat urine, which may be present in any neighbourhood. If you’re concerned about rats in your area, give us a call to hire a rat exterminator Toronto.

More and more rats are appearing in residential neighbourhoods across the GTA, and they’re bringing diseases with them. Not only that, but if you have a pet, they can infest them with fleas as well! Because many restaurants have shut down due to COVID-19, rats are spreading out into the suburbs to find food. This increase in suburban rat populations is resulting in an increase in Leptospirosis infections in dogs. Dogs usually contract the disease by stepping in puddles of water that contain infected rat urine. For humans, symptoms are similar to those of the flu – fever, headache, nausea, and lethargy – but it is rarely fatal. For dogs, however, the disease is deadly, and treatment is difficult.

If you’re worried about your dog getting sick, speak with your veterinarian about vaccination. Leptospirosis can be prevented with a vaccine, but it is not a core vaccine that all veterinarians recommend for puppies. Puppies as young as 8 weeks can be vaccinated, then treated with a booster shot every year. Dogs are 20 times less likely to get sick from Leptospirosis with this vaccine. When going for walks, avoid puddles and don’t let your dog drink from them. You can also wipe your dog’s paws clean after walks to prevent them from licking any infected water from their paws.

With more rats in homes  today, it is recommended that you take action to get rid of rats on your property and to protect your home from an invasion since they have the opportunity to make rats nests inside homes. Keep your yard tidy by regularly mowing the lawn, removing clutter, and pulling weeds. This will control rats on your property. Always pick up after your dog and never leave any fallen fruit on the ground. Store bird seed in sealed containers and keep garbage cans closed. You should also check the structure of your home for  rat entry-points that rats could use to get inside and seal them appropriately. Wall vents and pipes can also be blocked with steel mesh.

Leptospirosis is a terrible disease that should absolutely be avoided. Protect your pets and your home to prevent the stress of a rat infestation or illness. The Exterminators offer guaranteed rodent-proofing to keep you and your loved ones safe. We’ll check every nook and cranny on your property and seal it to prevent any animals from getting inside. If you’re worried about a rat infestation, we’ll send those pests packing. Call Toronto pest control for safe and effective rat removal: 647-496-2211.