Why are cockroaches attracted to electrical outlets?

Why are cockroaches attracted to electrical outlets?

You might see cockroaches coming out o your electric outlets here and there and that makes you wonder why they are there in the first place? As with every pest, they invade a home for mainly three reasons shelter, food, and water. The reason why cockroaches are attracted to electrical outlets is quite simple when you think about it. The electrical outlet provides the necessary heat that the cockroach is looking for. You can also find cockroaches behind other electrical appliances such as stoves, radios, and anything that generates heat. The advantage of going into an electrical outlet is that the outlet provides food as well. Cockroaches are insects with cannibalistic tendencies. Cockroaches can, therefore, feed themselves from the smaller cockroaches that find themselves in these outlets. Chances are that the cockroaches are not even looking for electricity or are not drawn to electricity, but are attracted to the heat source instead. To take care of cockroaches properly hire technicians from Cockroach Control Toronto 

Cockroaches are insects with incredibly agile bodies who can virtually pass through every crevice, hole, crack, and the gap they are confronted with. holed and cracks that we as humans think are too small provide the cockroaches the perfect gateway to our homes. For this reason, it is more likely that older Ontarian homes suffer more from cockroaches than modern homes do because of the wear and tear it has undergone over the years. Cockroaches are attracted to sources of moisture and warmth and that is why, when you see signs of an infestation, you can see them often in the kitchen. Apart from the power outlets, it is worth noting that cockroaches are often spotted in the dishwasher as well because of the perfect combination that the cockroach is looking for namely warmth, shelter, and moisture. Cockroaches can easily slip through the gap that is present in the dishwasher and will feed off the scraps of the dishes, cups, and utensils. 

It is for this reason that it is better to call in an expert pest control technician that deals with the elimination of cockroaches. Cockroach control services such as The Exterminators Inc. have more than a decade worth of experience throughout the region in getting rid of cockroaches. They have been getting rid of cockroaches for homeowners and business owners alike with their time-tested methods together with the powerful combination of putting the best licensed and insured technicians on the case. So do not hesitate, and give us a call because we send pests packing!  

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