bed bug on a hotel wall

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Kill?

Homeowners who have been unlucky enough to wage a war against bed bugs will be quick to admit that the pest is virtually impossible to exterminate. Even professional exterminators have a difficult time dealing with the critters. There are no home remedies and certainly no known repellents that can help you fight bed bugs effectively. Toronto is again ranked as number one city for bed bugs, last year we had had bed bug problems in Ryerson University. But, can bed bugs live in wood or metal frames? The answer is Yes, Bed bugs for some reason prefer for wood or metal to hide. They hide in narrow cracks close to where the potential host sleeps.

Below are a few reasons why these pests are so difficult to eradicate.

Changing Legislation

It is not an accident that the banning of DDT and other harmful pesticides in the late ’80s and early ’90s was quickly followed by the resurgence of bed bugs. These pesticides did a good job fighting pests but were toxic to humans and to the environment.

There is comprehensive legislation that dictates which active ingredients may be used in pesticides available to the general public. Some experts estimate that your typical bug spray requires up to 1000 times more potency to actually be effective. Pesticides manufacturers have also not been honest about how effective their products are and often exaggerate claims. There is still a lot of grey area as to which claims manufacturers can make on their products without the backing of credible and independent studies. Often credible and independent studies to back these claims do not exist.


Closely related to the previous point, scientists have proved that bed bugs are actually evolving to become more resistant to common pesticides. For one, modern bed bugs have up to 15-percent thicker skin than their predecessors. Scientists have proved that skin and exoskeleton thickness has a direct relation to resistance to the pesticide. The thicker the exoskeleton, the more resistant the insect is likely to be.

Modern bed bugs have also developed new enzymes namely oxidizes and esterases. These enzymes actively break down pesticides adding to the critters resistance to extermination. Laboratory tests have also shown that some strains of bed bugs are completely resistant to DDT. The best course of action, when faced with bed bugs, is to hire a licensed bed bug pest control.

Anatomy and Behavior

It is difficult to imagine a pest that by design thrives around humans like a bed bug. Infestations are hard to detect until they become problematic to exterminate that is why it is important to know early signs of a bed bug infestation. Unlike mosquitoes which draw attention while feeding on the host, bed bugs inject an aesthetic that allows them to feed quietly. These critters are noiseless and are active when humans are asleep. Most people do not develop any symptoms from bed bug bites and it can be a long time until the host realizes that there is a pest problem.

Their optimum temperature also happens to be within the range that most thermostats are set.

The tiny critters are roughly the size of an apple seed allowing them to hide inside devices, in crevices inside furniture, inside picture frames and other difficult to reach areas. Since bed bugs die from contact with pesticides or heat treatment their hiding places provide them with security from most treatments.

Human Laxity

Most people do not appreciate just how prevalent bed bugs actually are and therefore do not take the necessary precautions to prevent their spread. It is still a commonly held belief that bed bugs are attracted to grime and dirt. In reality, bed bugs will nest anywhere human beings are available including in exclusive hotels, at libraries, inside airplanes and in well-kept homes.

Many homeowners also put off calling exterminators until the problem has spread beyond their capacity to handle. A single bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime and three or four generations live and die in the span of a year. These infestations grow rapidly adding to the difficulty of exterminating them.

Hire The Exterminators to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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