It is best to contact  rat control Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

When are Rats More Dangerous?

Rats are known to be very territorial rodents and can be classified as aggressive animals. Unlike the mouse, who will scurry away once it is made with human confrontation. Where the mice lack, it encourages the rat, will stand up for itself, and will try to defend its territory once it feels that is under threat this will cause the rat to be able to take drastic measures including biting. Apart from the fact That rats are a very dangerous predator in nature, they also happen to be carriers of many diseases including leptospirosis and Instances of hantavirus. Rats make nests in homes for long term stays. It is best to contact rat control Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

Can rats have fleas that transmit Hantavirus? Due to the recent commotion in China the Hantavirus has acquired a new theme and is dubbed by the public as a allegedly new occurrence and has caused panic among the population that is dealing with another ordeal  namely  the coronavirus. and has spread panic amongst the public hearing for a new wave of victims. Contrary to popular belief, the Hantavirus virus is not a new occurrence at all it’s contraction there of is a extremely rare occurrence and it must be noted that the virus does not allow human to human transmission although very rare instances have been reported. Knowing that rats can’t spread and pass on diseases through their feces, urine, and saliva should be a cause for alarm when spotting live activity because of where do you like to hang out properties that have rat infestation have a likelihood to be contaminated.

Signs of rat infestations can include chewed paper, cables, rat feces which can be recognized as being the size of an olive pit. Confrontation with a rat is highly dangerous which can carry long term consequences for you heath. If you see any activity call a reputable pest control service in the Greater Toronto Area immediately to take care of the problem at hand . 

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