How do grocery stores deal with rodent infestation?

Danger of Rodent Infestation in Grocery Stores

Not much is known how grocery stores deal with rodent infestations, as it’s the last people you’ll be thinking of wanting to see rodents. Grocery stores and pest control services in Toronto have always been in close contact with eating. It is not strange considering what is at stake for these stores. The methodology employed in stores does not hugely different from the way pest control services deal with infestations at a private property. It is best to contact mice extermination Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your grocery store rat-free as soon as possible!

Grocery stores in their bid to prevent rodent infestations must keep their greenery trimmed as a way to attract rodents from harbouring there.  The first step to stopping a problem is preventing it from happening in the first place. Grocery stores and restaurants can prevent mice from getting into their premises by cutting down all the tall weeds and bushes that surround the premises. These bushes are an open invitation for mice, giving them an opportunity to hide as they creep into the store.

Mice are known to easily squeeze through tiny holes to get access to wherever they want. If a hole can fit a pencil, be rest assured a mouse can get in. Mice can chew off tiny holes until they are large enough to fit through. It is therefore important to cover up all cracks and openings with metal screenings or steel wool to prevent the mice from chewing through. One of the easiest methods to deter mice is to make food sources scarce. Mice will not take up residence in a location that has no food or hiding places.

Cleaning up food sources and decluttering your grocery store will go a long way in discouraging mice from taking up residence in the store. If you have to leave snacks unsecured, ensure they are safely secured in airtight containers. Also, place food in storerooms or on shelves off the ground. Placing sticky traps on areas where mice run is an effective method of getting rid of them. Areas with mice droppings are the perfect locations to set these traps. You could also place multitudes of traps around the store. In case the trap is not successful after two days, move it to a different location.

If you smell, see mice droppings, or even see live mice do not hesitate and call a reputable pest control service in the Greater Toronto Area immediately to have the mice problem resolved as soon as possible. One of our technicians will visit and perform an exterior inspection and then place exterior bait stations which will then cause the mice to eventually perish. The technicians will make suggestions as to where mice can breach in order to have them then sealed up.