what to do before exterminator comes for cockroaches

what to do before exterminator comes for cockroaches?

This is a great question. What to do and how to prepare for the cockroach exterminators? Most of the work lies on the exterminators themselves, but there are a few things you can do to make their lives much easier and to guarantee a streamlined cockroach extermination session. Just with any visit, you would need to clean the house as much as you can, and this mainly concerns a few key areas and spaces. Floors are the most important part to clear.

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The kitchen is often the main source for cockroaches to get food from. Pay special attention to crumbs and leftovers on the floor. By removing the leftovers and crumbs on the floor, the cockroaches will have an easier time getting to the cockroach formulation. This way there is no competition between two food sources. Cockroach formulations are often applied in key areas such as inside cabinets, the food pantry, and drawers. The cabinet below the sink is also a key area due to the moisture that often builds up.

Remove any food sources that contain food in containers. Some people have the habit of storing food and leaving it outside for some period of time. Do not do this. Take the food immediately to the refrigerator. Cleaning up the pantry and kitchen cabinets is very important as well. Loose food items such as rice or pasta are often stored there. Cockroaches are attracted to starch and taking this way from them will encourage them to eat from the formulation.

what to do before exterminator comes for cockroaches
You will see visible results after a few days have past as the formulations have a trickle-down effect.

The sink area and the countertops should be spotless. Any still water in the sink should immediately be discarded along with food particles.

Garbage should be thrown out in a timely manner. Cockroaches will consider anything in the garbage back a multi-course meal.

Technicians should have the option of moving freely. Any obstruction can delay the cockroach removal process. Personal belongings, toys, and furniture should not be getting in the technician’s way.

Apart from that, make sure to educate yourself thoroughly about the process and the after-care. Maintaining a tidy home is key to letting the cockroach formulations do their thing. Listening to the instructions of the pest control technician is imperative. They will tell you when to head back home, how long the formulations will take before you see a visible effect, and if there are any precautions to take before they leave.  Cockroaches are known as a household menace and can turn a peaceful home into a living nightmare. Maintaining and cleaning help greatly to keep cockroaches at bay.

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