What to Do Before and After Cockroach Treatment

What to Do Before and After Cockroach Treatment

To answer that question, keeping your living areas proper and arranged as possible is key to manage an infestation. Cockroaches are known to consume everything from garbage to debris in sewage systems it is essential that you keep the food and water source away from them by practicing the appropriate measures to discard food waste immediately. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and come out at night, but why do cockroaches come out at night? Cockroaches crawl at night because they want to stay unnoticed and search for food and water sources As we are all dealing with this pandemic disinfecting and taken measures to ensure proper personal hygiene is paramount to stay safe As the way we all live our lives, we cannot understate the importance of eliminating cockroaches from your house as they are, as earlier mentioned, scouring for food anywhere anytime which includes the sewage system. Cockroaches are known to carry a host of diseases with them as they travel from place to place.

When dealing with cockroaches, you must know which species of cockroach you are dealing with, and most likely it is the prevalent German cockroach. The German cockroach prefers the indoors, which makes apartment buildings seem like the perfect safe harbor. They are between a half-inch to an inch in length and a light brown or tan color.

Doing the pre-treatment and after-treatment after a cockroach control visit does not change much is how you keep your house tidy. Keeping your house clean and proper gives cockroaches fewer excuses to hide and to eat from your food that you might have laying around in the open. Yes, you might see some cockroaches here and there and it will take a few weeks, three weeks max. before you see them disappearing from your home. That is why it is important to vacuum, wipe, and mop the floors as possible while the treatment is very much in the process. To get rid of them permanently contact Cockroach Control Toronto for permanent results! 

Before the technician arrives, we kindly ask that you complete the following:

  • Remove all items from the kitchen and washroom cabinets. When technicians come over they may deploy formulations that can get on your kitchenware and cabinets. The idea is to make these rooms as clear as possible so that nothing acts as an obstruction.
  • Place removed items on a table and cover them with a plastic sheet or cloth.This is to prevent the formulations coming on the items. If you feel more comfortable, feel free to stow them away in your car or any other unaffected space or area.
  • Clear off kitchen countertops of all cookware and utensils. Leave only infested appliances, if any, on the countertop.
  • Expose baseboards throughout unit where possible. The reason is to get as much formulation as possible to yield the maximum yield.
  • Secure pets in another area, such as in a crate or in another closed room. Make sure pets and children have no access to the rooms being treated at least for a couple of hours. To make sure of this feel free to ask your pest control technician for more detail.
  • After the treatment is complete, you must vacate the premises. Please follow these steps:Vacancy of 4 to 5 hours is mandatory, pets included. Your technician will inform you of all the details. The
  • Any cups, silverware, plates, pans, etc. not removed during the preparation should be washed before re-use. Any pans, pots, cups, and silverware that have been exposed even the tiniest bits of the formulation need to be washed. If you have any suspicion wash it anyways.
  • Wash all exposed eating surfaces (including tables and bars) with a basic soap and rinse with water. It is important to cover all the surfaces including the tabletops of your kitchen which is very important.
  • Place items back in cabinets after vacancy is completed. After the vacancy is completed you are free to put them back in. Make sure to wipe inside the cabinets before returning the items.
  • In the odd case that there is lingering odour when you return, ventilate the space by opening windows to create air circulation.
  • If certain non porous surfaces have liquid remnants after the vacancy period, ventilate the space to speed up the drying process.

If you happen to spot a cockroach in your apartment that matches this description, you will have successfully identified your unwelcome flatmates. Make sure you call Pest Control Toronto after  seeing a live cockroach in your apartment. A professional pest control service is the best way to proceed when you want to get immediate results. Professionals have been active in the industry for a number of years and know exactly where cockroaches like to hide. Many people cannot distinguish the different types of cockroaches found in homes, but our experts can and can, therefore, adapt their strategy to fit the needs of the situation to yield maximum results!

Article Updated: August 24, 2020