What Do Wasps Do During the Day?

What Do Wasps Do During the Day?

Most people don’t have anything good to say about wasps. They sting, they cause havoc during summer, and they are extremely aggressive and territorial when provoked. However, wasps just like any other living creature have a life and a busy one for that matter. Wasps are diurnal insects meaning they are active during the day and less active at night. Wasps get out of their nests in the early morning around 7-8 am. A wasp nest is comprised of a queen who is the leader, several princesses who will eventually grow into queens and form their own colonies and workers, who feed the larvae and work for the colony.

Wasps get out of the hive at sunrise, that’s why most pest control services will advise getting rid of them in the cover of the night when they are least active and all in one place. The queen is the founder of the colony, she builds the initial part of the nests and lays several eggs that will soon become the workers. During the day, wasps will go around foraging for wood and mud that will be used to sculpt and repair the nest. They will also launch attacks on other animals including aphids and bees, feeding on their larvae. Cicada wasps are known for their love of nectar, and during the day they will be spotted hovering from one flower to the next. This nectar is used for feeding the young larvae, who will grow to be the next generation of queens running their own nests.

Wasps are considered dangerous, and in case you are one of those unfortunate people who ever got stung by a wasp, you understand just how excruciating and discomforting the pain can be. Wasps have their benefits too. None directly to us, but more to their direct environment. Wasps are avid pollinators, and because of this, they are loved by gardeners. During the day, as they hover from one petal to another, they carry pollen that is used to pollinate flowers. They also feed on aphids which are known to cause severe damage to crops. Wasps also attack other insects to feed. This keeps the insect population in their area under control.

Wasps and other stinging animals like hornets can be a hazard to both your health and those around you. In case you suspect or spot a wasp nest in your home that is threatening, call a professional wasp removal service and have it safely treated. Getting rid of a wasp nest by your self is dangerous. Call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211.

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