Flying Carpenter Ant Removal in North York

Case Study: Flying Carpenter Ant Removal in North York

This article details a carpenter ant extermination in North York. Flying ants were seen around a family’s property, indicating that a colony was spreading and reaching toward the house. A complete extermination of the home has since left this property free of carpenter ants. If you are currently dealing with an ant problem, reach out to The Exterminators.

Hillcrest Village

The Toronto neighbourhood of Hillcrest Village is located in the northeast corner of North York. It is bounded by Steeles Avenue East to the north, Leslie Street to the west, Finch Avenue East to the south, and Victoria Park Avenue to the east.

Duncan Creek Park in Hillcrest Village.

It is characterized by its small hills running along the Don Valley and the Duncan Creek. Hillcrest Village is also home to the main Seneca College campus, Newnham Campus. This case will analyze in detail the infestation of a home in Hillcrest Village of carpenter ants.


In the initial conversation with the customer, we attempt to understand the extent of the issue in order to prioritize our service calls. In this case, the homeowner informed us of the presence of a large number of flying ants in a particular area of their house. We dispatched one of our technicians right away.

Flying ants are common in mid-spring to early summer. Once carpenter ants have a well-established colony- usually after 3 years- they will produce a brood of winged males and females. The winged females are all queens and will mate with the males in what is known as a nuptial flight. Once they have mated, the males will instantly die, while the female queens will search for a small cavity in which they can start their nest.

An old window frame shows deterioration- an ideal place for carpenter ants to nest.

The presence of these winged insects at this particular property could indicate the presence of a nearby nest from which they emerged.

Old wooden structures, such as this deck, may attract carpenter ants.

Our licensed exterminator was able to identify an area of high activity in the rear of the home, in and around an old window frame. This window frame showed signs of deterioration as did the wooden deck below it.


Because of the high level of activity in the window frame, we began by spraying the area with an extremely effective insecticide that not only kills on contact, but it may also be carried by ants to infect other ants, expediting the effort. Spraying this commercial grade insecticide in or near nesting sites is crucial for the extermination success of a carpenter ant infestation.

Our technician also used an Ultra Low Volume mist to attack the problem. This very fine mist will penetrate small cracks and crevices in the affected areas. Its residual properties will ensure that it stays active for a prolonged period of time.


Carpenter ants can be as destructive as termites and as such should be dealt with by a professional exterminator company as soon as possible. The presence of winged ants is an indication of a nearby nest and the area should be treated in a quick and effective manner.

That is what our professional licensed exterminator did in this situation. We sprayed the infested structures with insecticide and provided the customer with the comfort that these pests were gone once and for all.

All our extermination work is backed with a 6-month warranty. If the pests reappear on the property, we will return and treat once again.