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What are the Best Methods for Commercial Cleaning?

A lot of is involved in the process of commercial cleaning at a sensitive time like this when people are taking heightened measures across the country we must not forget that the main responsibility lies with ourselves to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

Being in commercial places such as an office or a restaurant does carry social responsibility as places such as these are highly frequented by people on a daily basis. Simply wiping your desk and making sure everything from most touched objects to mostly ignored things are properly disinfected can make a difference between somebody contracting a virus or somebody coming into work healthy and in a good mood.

Commercial spaces such as offices are often known as places where people get contracted with illnesses. A name to work-related illnesses is given dubbed SBS (Sick building syndrome) where the high frequency of pathogens is infamous for making somebody sick.

The importance of upkeeping and maintaining a commercial space should not in any way be underestimated and/ or downplayed in any way possible as it is reported that unkempt and unhygienic work environments can make up for a lot of work-related illnesses and even diseases. Professional cleaning services offer different methods to tackle a certain surface area in order to get the maximum result possible. Underneath you will find it highlighted.

Truck-mounted steam cleaner

To use it effectively carpets and flooring are first vacuumed to get the best results. The machine uses water pressure, chemicals, and a suitor to get rid of all the dirt and impurities

Deep extraction

This method uses cleaning agents and conditioners which target the floor immediately. After penetration of the surface, the vacuum sucks up all the residue.


It is a dry cleaning method where a deep cleaning compound spreads across the surface area before cleaning absorbing dust, dirt, and residue in the process before crystallizing. The method is carried out by a machine whose brushes spin counter-clockwise, vacuuming the residual matter. 

Steam cleaning

One of the most effective and commonly known methods to tackle floors, carpets, and flooring. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly seeing that it only releases steam using a very high temperature without chemicals

To hire a commercial cleaning company it is good to consider what services they offer against what prices another important factor to consider is their credibility and amount of experience the technician has. To be informed is to be ensured, and to know what methods commercial cleaning services use is good as you know what to expect.